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Cities Near Bloomington IL 🎉 Explore the Best Cities & Towns Near Bloomington IL

Cities Near Bloomington IL 🎉 | Explore the Best Cities & Towns Near Bloomington IL

Last Updated on: 28th February 2024, 09:59 pm

Bloomington has everything you need! Bloomington is the largest city in the Bloomington Normal metropolitan area and one of the largest cities in Central Illinois. The metropolitan area has a population of 169,572 people and covers 1,601 square miles. With beautiful outdoor attractions, terrific schools, and a thriving economy, it’s no wonder that many people are living in Bloomington IL!

But you don’t have to spend all your time in Bloomington Illinois. The city is conveniently located near dozens of great cities, towns, and villages with kid-friendly attractions, affordable homes, and top schools. Here’s what you should know about the best cities near Bloomington Illinois.

Largest Cities Near Bloomington IL

The largest cities in Bloomington IL have a population of at least 2,500 people and are within 30 miles of Bloomington. Some of them are cities, while others are villages and towns. Villages and towns have no substantial differences from each other; both are incorporated municipalities with small governments. Living in cities close to Bloomington can give you access to more public services and attractions, but living in a village or town can give you a quieter environment and more affordable housing.

Normal – 2.7 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 52,736
  • County: McLean
  • City, town, or CDP: Town

Normal IL is the largest municipality near Bloomington and is the closest city to Bloomington Illinois. It borders Bloomington IL to the north, making it a great choice for commuters. Connect Transit provides public transportation for Bloomington and Normal residents, including bus services.

Normal is best known for being the home of Illinois State University (ISU). US News ranks ISU in the top 100 value schools in the country, with an annual cost of tuition of just $20,579. Normal Illinois is also home to Heartland Community College, which offers dozens of programs for associate’s degrees and certificates. The town contains numerous public and private schools, including University High School. US News ranks University High School in the top 600 high schools in the country and the top 25 high schools in the state.

Heyworth IL – 12.8 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 2,791
  • County: McLean
  • City, town, or CDP: Village

Heyworth is the most livable nearest city to Bloomington Illinois, as it contains everything you need within its borders. It has schools, churches, stores, and businesses as well as affordable and comfortable homes. According to Redfin, the median sale price per square foot of homes for sale Heyworth Il is $90. Unlike other cities near Bloomington, Heyworth IL has condos and townhouses, including units with three bedrooms and 2,600 square feet of space for less than $300,000. 

Your kids can go to Heyworth Elementary School, Heyworth Junior High School, and Heyworth High School. Heyworth Junior High is located within Heyworth High, so your older children don’t have to drive far for their education. You can buy various items at Worn Again Too, Westside Clothing, and Heyworth Liquors.

Le Roy IL – 16.5 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 3,512
  • County: McLean
  • City, town, or CDP: City

Le Roy IL (also spelled LeRoy IL) is the nearest city to Bloomington with great affordable housing. According to Redfin, the median sale price for homes for sale in LeRoy is $100 per square foot, with a median sales price of $166,000. The Le Roy real estate market is small, but you can find two-bedroom homes covering over 1,000 square feet, making it a good suburb of Bloomington for couples and young professionals living without children.

Le Roy IL contains or is near various green spaces and outdoor attractions. The LeRoy Country Club has a nine-hole golf course, an on-site pro shop, and a swimming pool. Kiwanis Park is in the heart of Le Roy IL and is a hub for outdoor parties and decorations, especially during Christmas.

El Paso – 21.1 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 2,756
  • County: Woodford and McLean
  • City, town, or CDP: City

El Paso is at the crossroads between several highways, including Interstate 39, which provides access to Normal and other towns near Bloomington IL. El Paso IL is a walkable community, organizing its streets in a grid and having sidewalks on its main streets. The community is surrounded by farmland, creating a quiet area and giving El Paso a quaint aesthetic.

El Paso Illinois has several small public and private schools, including Jefferson Park Elementary School and El Paso Gridley High School. You can also enjoy outdoor attractions like South Pointe Park, which covers 40 acres and contains horseshoe pits, a fishing pond, and four tennis courts.

Clinton – 23.8 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 7,004
  • County: DeWitt
  • City, town, or CDP: City

Clinton is the largest city in DeWitt County and the county seat for DeWitt. It is located near State Routes 10, 51, and 54, giving you access to other cities near Bloomington IL and other parts of the state.

Clinton IL may be small, but it is home to or is adjacent to numerous major companies and businesses. The Clinton Power Station is just outside the town and provides hundreds of jobs to Clinton and nearby communities. You can also find high-paying jobs with Warner Hospital, Exelon Corporation, and Stericycle.

Popular attractions in Clinton Illinois include the Apple and Pork Festival, which takes place on the last weekend in September. You can sample food from Clinton restaurants and enjoy live musical performances.

Eureka – 26.0 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 5,227
  • County: Woodford
  • City, town, or CDP: City

Eureka Illinois is home to Eureka College, which US News ranks in the top 50 regional colleges in the Midwest. Eureka College is best known for its famous alumni, including Ronald Reagan, but it also has top athletics teams, including basketball and football programs.

Eureka has a well-developed commercial center with locally run stores and restaurants. Kirby Foods Eureka Il is the main grocery store in town and offers affordable prices and coupons on many popular products. You can also visit Brakers Market, which is a country-style general store that offers groceries from local farms, toys, and baked goods. Eureka IL is a home for antique and thrift stores, including Et Cetera Eureka Il.

Morton – 29.7 Miles From Bloomington

  • Population: 17,177
  • County: Tazewell
  • City, town, or CDP: Village

Morton IL is a suburb of Peoria and Bloomington, so if you’re a frequent traveler who goes to both cities, Morton Illinois is an ideal community for you. Morton’s nickname is the “Pumpkin Capital of the World,” as it is home to Libby’s Pumpkin, a factory that produces the most canned pumpkins in the United States. The Morton Pumpkin Festival takes place every year in September, and it’s one of the most popular festivals in the state. You and your kids can enjoy sporting events, pumpkin decorating contests, and art installations.

You can find many kid-friendly attractions in Morton Illinois. McClallen Park Morton Il has nine full soccer fields, a playground, and picnic tables. Northwood Park covers over 100 acres and contains nationally-rated disc golf courses and covered picnic shelters.

Other Cities in Bloomington

The following cities and small towns near Bloomington IL have 1,000 to 2,500 residents and are within 30 miles of Bloomington. Though these communities may be small, each town near Bloomington has something to offer. For example, Tremont is home to unique attractions like the Tremont Turkey Festival. All of these small towns near Bloomington, IL are within driving distance of Bloomington, so if they don’t have something you need, you can head into the city.

Name of Town or City Near Bloomington (1,000 to 2,500 population) County Population (2020) Distance from Bloomington in Miles
Hudson McLean 1,753 9.4
Downs IL McLean 1,201 10.1
Danvers McLean 1,089 11.6
Lexington McLean 2,090 17.3
Minier IL Tazewell 1,154 19.9
Atlanta Logan 1,669 21.5
Mackinaw Tazewell 1,879 22.3
Gridley McLean 1,456 23.2
Chenoa McLean 1,695 25.1
Farmer City IL DeWitt 1,828 27.2
Tremont Tazewell 2,277 29.2

Map of Cities Near Bloomington and the Surrounding Area

You can use this map to find incredible cities and towns near Bloomington IL.

Small Cities and Towns Near Bloomington IL

The following cities and towns around Bloomington Il have a population between 100 and 1,000 residents. They are also less than 30 miles from Bloomington IL.

Name of Small City Near Bloomington County Population Distance from Bloomington in Miles
Towanda McLean 431 9.1
Carlock McLean 548 11.1
Stanford McLean 600 14.8
Kappa Woodford 229 15.5
McLean McLean 743 16.2
Congerville IL Woodford 497 16.9
Ellsworth McLean 184 17.0
Cooksville McLean 157 19.0
Wapella Illinois DeWitt 513 19.1
Goodfield IL Tazewell and Woodford 936 19.5
Arrowsmith McLean 276 21.5
Waynesville DeWitt 381 22.1
Deer Creek Tazewell and Woodford 667 22.6
Secor Woodford 342 23.7
Hopedale Tazewell 830 25.3
Colfax McLean 996 26.4
Saybrook McLean 654 28.5

Major Cities Near Bloomington IL

Bloomington is the largest city in the Bloomington metropolitan area, but you can find other major cities if you go outside the area, including the largest cities in Illinois. The Midwest contains numerous cities that are great for day trips, business meetings and conferences, and weeklong family vacations. Many cities in Central Illinois have great attractions in the summer and fall, including kid-friendly festivals and holiday parties.

Name of City Population (2020) Distance from Bloomington in Miles
Peoria, IL 113,150 38.0
Springfield, IL 114,394 67.4
Joliet, IL 150,392 96.8
Aurora, IL 180,355 107
Naperville, IL 149,540 111
Rockford, IL 148,655 133
Chicago, IL 2,746,388 134
St. Louis, MO 301,578 162
Indianapolis, IN 887,642 174
South Bend, IN 103,453 197
Madison, WI 269,840 198
Milwaukee, WI 577,242 210
Cedar Rapids, IO 137,710 215
Fort Wayne, IN 263,886 227

Cities Near Bloomington Illinois FAQs

Which City Is Close to Bloomington Illinois?

Normal, Illinois is the closest town to Bloomington, while Peoria is the closest city to Bloomington Illinois.

How Far Away Is Peoria and Bloomington?

Peoria is just 38 miles away from Bloomington; it takes roughly 40 minutes to drive between the two cities.

How Far Is It From Bloomington to Chicago?

Chicago is 134 miles from Bloomington, with a two-hour drive between the two cities.

What Major Cities Are Near Bloomington?

Peoria, Springfield, and Joliet are within 100 miles from Bloomington, and you can drive to all three cities in less than two hours.

The Bloomington Normal metro area is full of incredible cities and towns! You can visit Normal and Clinton for exciting attractions you can’t find elsewhere, and you can go to Le Roy IL and Heyworth for affordable homes and great schools.

But before you move to any of the cities near Bloomington, you must figure out who the best movers in the Bloomington area are. Federal Companies has over 110 years of experience in moving new residents to towns near Bloomington. Call 800-747-4100 for a moving estimate today.


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