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Scenic view of a park in St. Louis, MO, at sunset with pavilion by the lake.

The Best Neighborhoods In St. Louis 🌆| Map & Summary of Top St. Louis Neighborhoods!

Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 02:33 pm

Welcome to St. Louis, a vibrant city where a diverse, friendly community is scattered throughout neighborhoods of all styles, be it social hot spots, historic streets, or more sprawled-out suburban spaces. With 79 distinct St. Louis neighborhoods to navigate, you’ll explore a unique blend of culture, history, and amenities throughout.

Renowned for an excellent public transportation system, the neighborhoods in St. Louis are great for commuting and car-free living, connecting residents to the heart of the city and beyond. With excellent schools, local restaurants, and parks galore, it’s not hard to see why living in St. Louis has been a choice consistently growing in popularity.

And for those considering even more space, we also suggest looking into the broader St. Louis suburbs close to the area. But for now, we’ll stick to city limits and delve into a handful of the best places to live in St. Louis!

Central West End, a Blend of Grandeur and Urban Chic

  • Population: 14,471
  • Average rent: $1,614
  • Median home price: $358,333
  • Central West End St. Louis crime: 123% higher than Missouri

Nestled between iconic Forest Park and the bustling streets of downtown Saint Louis, the Central West End is a jewel in St. Louis’s crown and one of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis for families and professionals alike.

With its origins as a retreat for the city’s elite, Central West End St. Louis boasts large turn-of-the-century homes that stand as monuments to its past splendor. Today, Central West End’s Euclid Avenue pulsates with life, home to eclectic boutiques, acclaimed eateries, and lively entertainment venues, embodying the very essence of cool neighborhoods in St. Louis.

It’s not just the area’s vibrancy that appeals but also its strategic location, offering seamless access to some of St. Louis’s finest institutions, including Washington University and St. Louis University. Healthcare here is also top tier, as The St. Louis Children’s Hospital is located within this neighborhood.

The Cathedral Basilica stands as a testament to the neighborhood’s allure, with the largest collection of mosaics in the Western Hemisphere, and it’s home to the World Chess Hall of Fame!

Carondelet, a Cool St. Louis on the Mississippi River

  • Population: 7,779
  • Average rent: $1,30
  • Median home price: $124,904
  • Carondelet St. Louis crime: 143% higher than Missouri

Carondelet, one of the coolest neighborhoods in St. Louis, is as much a tapestry of diverse streets and histories as it is a community. Located within the southeast patchwork of Saint Louis, it’s an enclave where the past mingles with the present. With a history dating back to its days as a standalone city, founded in 1767 until annexed in 1870, Carondelet St. Louis has a rich narrative etched into its streets and the old brick of its buildings.

From the grandeur of Bellerive Boulevard’s stately homes to the modest, blue-collar vibe of ‘The Patch,’ Carondelet encompasses a range of living experiences. The charm of historic row houses and the larger, ornate homes near Carondelet Park, plus amenities like the Carondelet Park Rec Complex, make this one of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis for those who appreciate a quieter, neighborly environment.

As a community that has weathered many changes, it stands out for its strong bones and the promising uptick in property values—a nod to its desirability. It’s close to local bus lines, and with excellent walkability, you’ll see plentiful dog walkers on the daily!

Lafayette Square, Where Victorian Charm Shines in the Heart of St. Louis

  • Population: 2,189
  • Average rent: $1,223
  • Median home price: $450,000
  • Lafayette Square crime: 123% higher than Missouri

Lafayette Square, celebrated as one of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis, is a picturesque testament to the city’s historic elegance. Built around the oldest public park in St. Louis, Lafayette Park, this neighborhood is known for its beautifully restored Victorian homes and peaceful, tree-canopied avenues.

The revitalization of Lafayette Square St. Louis began in the 1970s and has transformed it into a neighborhood that harmoniously blends past and present. Today, it stands out as a safe neighborhood in St. Louis, offering serenity close to the city’s bustling downtown. The area boasts quaint shopping and eclectic dining options like Eleven Eleven Mississippi or SqWires Restaurant & Market and is a stone’s throw from the business district, making it an ideal spot for families and professionals in the St. Louis area.

At the heart of the neighborhood, Lafayette Park acts as a communal anchor, featuring historical statues, original cannons, and a picturesque lake. With its walkable streets and easy public transportation access, Lafayette Square is not just a highlight among St Louis city neighborhoods but a storied community where history is cherished and life is lived to the fullest.

Forest Park Southeast, Home of The Grove’s Neighborhood St. Louis

  • Population: 2,918
  • Average rent: $1,512
  • Median home price: Mid $500,000’s
  • Forest Park Southeast crime: 159% higher than Missouri

Forest Park Southeast, affectionately known as The Grove, is a neighborhood where St. Louis’s pulse is most vibrant, making it one of the good neighborhoods in St. Louis for those seeking energy and diversity. This area has evolved from its humble beginnings as Prairie des Noyers to a bustling district at the forefront of the city’s urban renewal.


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The Grove’s commercial heartbeat along Manchester Avenue, is a living gallery of street art and a beacon for the city’s LGBTQ+ community, whose influence has been pivotal in the area’s revival. Its nightlife is a symphony of eclectic bars, live music venues, and inviting eateries that echo the neighborhood’s inclusive spirit. By day, the area is a mosaic of shops and cafes, offering residents and visitors a taste of urban convenience and culture.

Historically a working-class bastion, The Grove’s transformation has been profound. Its proximity to the Washington University Medical Center and Cortex Innovation Community has spurred development, marrying market-rate and affordable housing with innovative urban design. Yet, it retains its friendly neighborhood feel, making it one of the coolest neighborhoods in St. Louis.

For a touch of greenery, Tower Grove Park is just a short jaunt away, providing a pastoral escape with its walking paths and Victorian pavilions. Nearby, the Missouri Botanical Garden offers a serene retreat and is renowned for its significant plant collection and exquisite Japanese Garden.

The Hill Neighborhood St. Louis, Explore Little Italy!

  • Population: 2,443
  • Average rent: $1,717+
  • Median home price: $264,950
  • The Hill St. Louis crime: 173% higher than Missouri

In the heart of St. Louis lies The Hill, where the aroma of traditional Italian cuisine wafts through the streets, making it one of the best neighborhoods in St. Louis for food enthusiasts. This enclave (not to be confused with the St. Louis Hills), with its high ground offering a panoramic view of the city, presents a quaint tableau of family-run delis, time-honored restaurants, and Italianate charm and is one of the safest neighborhoods in St. Louis.


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The Hill’s heartbeat is its history. It began with Northern Italian immigrants, establishing a vibrant, working-class community with deep roots that remain evident today. The Hill neighborhood St. Louis is not only a culinary destination, with must-visits like Joey B’s On the Hill or the Cunetto House of Pasta, but also the birthplace of baseball legends like Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola.

Amid the family names and businesses that have withstood the test of time, the St. Ambrose Church stands tall, an architectural nod to the Lombard Romanesque Revival style. The community’s pride in their heritage is palpable, with every fire hydrant painted in the colors of the Italian flag and annual events that bring together those who share a love for Italian culture.

Shaw Neighborhood, a Nice & Quiet St. Louis’s Neighborhood

  • Population: ​​6,811
  • Average rent: $1,753
  • Median home price: $370,000
  • Shaw St. Louis crime: 41% higher than Missouri

Shaw Neighborhood emerges as a great choice in St Louis neighborhoods with a historic district draped in the architectural grace of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Lying south of Forest Park, Shaw combines green spaces and community spirit, bordered by the Missouri Botanical Gardens, an urban oasis of beauty.

Named after Henry Shaw, the philanthropist and founder of the Botanical Gardens, the neighborhood is steeped in a legacy of growth and generosity. The striking homes along Flora Place and Tower Grove Avenue embody a commitment to preservation and architectural finesse, creating a captivating streetscape.

Today, Shaw boasts an active community life, strengthened by institutions like St. Margaret of Scotland Church, one of the many churches in St. Louis, the Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation, and St. Margaret of Scotland School.

With Shaw’s historic charm, strong community fabric, and easy access to Tower Grove Park, it ranks as one of the best St. Louis neighborhoods for both history buffs and modern urban dwellers.

Benton Park, A Storied St. Louis Neighborhood with Walkable Green Space

  • Population: ​​3,532
  • Average rent: $1,195
  • Median home price: $309,000
  • Benton Park crime: 97% higher than Missouri

With Gravois Avenue marking its northern edge and the echoes of the bustling Soulard area to the east, Benton Park stands as a cornerstone among St. Louis’s historic neighborhoods.

Born from the grounds of the city’s first cemetery, Benton Park Green Space, the park that gave the neighborhood its name is now a cradle of community life and leisure. Its 14.30 acres bloom with the legacy of horticulturist Edward F. Krausnick’s design, offering residents a tranquil escape with footbridges, ponds, and a soulful green space that invites relaxation and recreation.

The neighborhood itself, once home to storied breweries that leveraged the natural cave systems for beer storage, is now an eclectic mix of historic homes, indie businesses, and culinary delights. The sealed caves beneath, including the legendary McHose & English Cave, add a layer of mystique to the area’s robust heritage.

Today, Benton Park St. Louis is not just a testament to the city’s brewing prowess but also to its capacity for renewal and community-building, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in St. Louis MO.

Wydown-Skinker, The Pinnacle of St. Louis Sophistication

  • Population: ​​1,054
  • Average rent: $1,530
  • Median home price: $390,093
  • Wydown-Skinker crime: 48% higher than Missouri

Wydown-Skinker stands as the epitome of affluence in St. Louis, known for its stately homes and manicured lawns that mirror the community’s upscale lifestyle. It’s recognized not just as one of the safest neighborhoods in St. Louis but also as the richest neighborhood in St. Louis, offering an unrivaled standard of living with a median household income surpassing $100,000, with a cost of living more than the St. Louis cost of living.

This neighborhood boasts a prime location adjacent to the verdant expanses of Forest Park and the elegant Saint Louis Galleria, aligning with its residents’ penchant for refined living. While the median home listing hovers around $390,093, it’s not uncommon to find majestic residences priced near the million-dollar mark, reflecting the area’s stature and its residents’ prosperity.

Culinary delights and cozy cafes, like Seedz Café, add a flavor of community to the neighborhood, while leading schools like The Wilson School and Forsyth School pave the way to a bright future. Overall, Wydown-Skinker is a neighborhood that doesn’t just house individuals; it harbors a lifestyle of grandeur and grace.

Neighborhood Map of St Louis

Discover life in the Gateway City with our comprehensive neighborhood map of St Louis, a user-friendly guide to the city’s many vibrant communities. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this detailed neighborhood map St Louis offers an invaluable resource for navigating the historic streets and discovering the unique character of each district.

For those planning a move to or within this vibrant city, Federal Companies ensure a transition as smooth and welcoming as the neighborhoods in St. Louis themselves. Call us today at 800-747-4100 for a free quote, and allow us the pleasure of happily settling you into your new home!


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