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St. Louis Property Tax Guide

St Louis County Property Tax [2024] 💸 | St Louis Property Tax Rates, How & Where to Pay STL Taxes

Last Updated on: 27th January 2023, 03:09 pm

Thinking of moving to St Louis County, MO? You must get a handle on the local property tax rates if you’re considering buying a home. Property taxes can get complex and confusing, but it’s essential to understand your financial obligations. To help you make sense of the costs associated with homeownership, here is an in-depth look at how to pay property taxes in St Louis County. 

St Louis County Property Taxes

Property tax is a fee collected by the local government to pay for municipal services such as public schools, sewage, senior services, libraries, or zoos. St Louis county assesses an annual tax on all property including real estate and personal property such as motor vehicles and boats. 

In the state of Missouri, political subdivisions such as school districts and library zones have the power to set tax rates. Other special districts and programs within a particular city may add to your annual tax bill.

Property tax rates are assessed at a certain percentage of the assessed value. The County Assessor is the party responsible for determining the assessed value of a property. Every two years, the assessor will do a county-wide valuation of property, which is added to the official assessment roll.

The assessor calculates the market value of a property based on factors such as recent sales data and other trends. They will then take a percentage of the market value to arrive at the assessed value or the amount that can be taxed. The rate will depend on the classification of the property and how it’s used. They will then multiply the assessed value by the rate set by the various political subdivisions to calculate what is owed. 

The Collector of Revenue is responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes in St Louis County. They collect the assessment roll from the Assessor and use it to create bills to send to homeowners. They are also responsible for collecting the funds and dispersing them to the various districts and agencies that will use them.

St Louis County Assessor 

The County Assessor is responsible for identifying and classifying taxable property in St Louis County.
Their core duties include :

  • Maintaining records on the ownership of all personal property in St Louis County including real estate, office equipment, and vehicles
  • Working with a team of appraisers, analysts, and managers to calculate the market value of all real property
  • Identifying and updating property characteristics
  • Staying up to date with local real estate trends

The St Louis County Assessor is Jake Zimmerman. You will find the St Louis County Assessor’s office at 41 South Central Avenue, 3rd Floor Clayton, MO 63105. Their general phone number is (314) 615-5124 and their real property line is (314) 615-4981. Their office is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

St Louis County Collector of Revenue 

The St Louis County Collector of Revenue is responsible for billing, collecting, and disbursing agents for the 200+ taxing districts in the county.
Their core duties include:

  • Obtaining the assessment roll from the assessor and billing property owners the necessary amount
  • Collecting payments from property owners and managing the funds
  • Disbursing tax revenue to the appropriate districts, programs, and agencies

You can find the office of the St Louis Collector of Revenue at 41 South Central Avenue Clayton, MO 63105. The phone number is 314-615-5500. The office is open from 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.

St Louis County Property Tax Rate

How are Tax Rates Determined in St Louis County?

The total St Louis County property tax rate is a composite of different tax rates set by the local districts in which the property is located. For instance, there is a separate rate for each library, school, sewage, fire, and lights district as well as the county and local municipality. These tax rates are determined by the local political district levying the tax and are applied to the assessed value of the property. The tax rate is typically expressed as a rate per $100 in assessed value.

How to Calculate Assessed Value?

The assessed value for residential real estate in St Louis County is 19% of the market value. So, if the home is valued at $100,000, the assessed value is $19,000. St Louis County personal property tax rates are available on their website. They publish their annual rate book so you can see the rates set by each school and political district every year. If you want to learn how to find out real property tax in St Louis County, look at the rate book and find all districts that cover the property, add them all together, and multiply that rate by the assessed value of the home.

According to the St Louis County Collector of Revenue, the $2.4 billion in tax revenue collected annually is dispersed according to the following:

  • 53.81% of school districts
  • 15.72% to community colleges
  • 10.03 to the fire department
  • 9.63% to other services (libraries, zoos, etc.)
  • 5.66% to state municipal services
  • 5.15% to St Louis County

Also, be aware that you have the right to appeal the assessed value of your home if you believe your tax rate is too high. The county assessor recalculates marker value every two years, although it’s possible that conditions have changed or they made a mistake.

St Louis County Property Tax Rate Example – Eureka Property Tax Rate

Since many different factors impact St Louis County property tax rates, it’s difficult to determine a fair estimate without all the necessary information.

To make the information easier to understand, let’s take a look at the city of Eureka, Missouri as an example. Eureka is a small city in St Louis County with a population of about 11,646 people. According to the City of Eureka government website, the total tax rate in the city is 8.0308 per $100 of assessed value. 

Here are the rates charged by each district:

  • City of Eureka: 0.2970
  • Eureka Fire Protection District: 1.2805
  • Metropolitan Zoo/Museum District: 0.2528
  • Road & Bridge: 0.0830
  • Rockwood School District: 4.1483
  • Dev. Disability Productive Living Board: 0.0700
  • St. Louis Community College: 0.2787
  • St. Louis County Bond Retirement: 0.0190
  • St. Louis County General: 0.1650
  • St. Louis County Health Fund: 0.1110
  • St. Louis County Library: 0.2060
  • St. Louis County Park Maintenance: 0.0400
  • State of Missouri: 0.0300

Total: 8.0308 per $100 of assessed value.


According to Redfin, the Eureka median sales price of a home is $345,604. Based on that number, the median assessed value would be around $65,665. At a rate of 8.0308 per $100, your annual tax bill would be around $5,273.41

Market value ($345,604) x assessed rate (0.19) x tax rate (0.080308) = $5,273.41

If you want to calculate the tax rate for another city in St Louis County, use the rate book and swap/add any political districts that apply (such as school district, fire, city, etc.). Then use the same formula to calculate the assessed value and apply it to the new rate.

St Louis County Property Tax – Due Dates and How to Pay Your Tax Bill

St Louis County property taxes are due by December 31st every year. They must be paid or postmarked by that date every year or they become delinquent on January 1st. Properties are reassessed every other year (on odd-numbered years) and go out around the middle of May. So when you receive the notice, you will know what you owe for the next two years. But you can pay your bill before you receive the notice in the mail by paying online. There are a few different methods you can use to pay your property taxes in St Louis County.

Online: Go to and click “Pay Taxes”. Input your real estate locator number or look it up by searching the owner name, address, or subdivision name. Find your property and confirm the amount owed. You’ll then be able to add your method of payment which can be a bank transfer or credit/debit card (cards are charged an additional convenience fee).

Phone: You can call the St Louis Collector of Revenue directly at 314-615-5500 and pay over the phone.

In-person: You can also stop by their office at 41 South Central Avenue Clayton, MO 63105, and pay by cash, check, or money order.

USPS: You can also send a check in the mail by USPS, although be sure to postmark it before the 31st to avoid late fees.

Delinquent taxes are assessed a penalty of 2% interest per month up to 18% and a 2% overall penalty. Properties that owe more than 3 years of delinquent taxes may be auctioned off in a tax sale. When paying delinquent St Louis County property taxes, you can go online or contact the Back Tax Department in the Collector’s Office at (314) 615-7865.

St Louis County Property Search/Tax Records

If you want to know how to find out personal property taxes in St Louis County that are due, you can do so easily using the Real Estate Information Tool on the County’s website.

You can do a search by location number, name, property address or subdivision name. Click on the correct property address to find information such as the owner, assessment information, tax history, special documents, etc.

If you want to make a public records request, you can also use the St Louis County Sunshine Portal, which can provide even more information about the property and residents of St Louis County.

St Louis Property Tax Exemptions

It’s also good to know that certain St Louis County residents are eligible for tax exemptions. The state of Missouri offers what is called the Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim, which gives seniors and the disabled a credit or rebate on real estate taxes paid.

To qualify for the tax credit, you must be:

  • 65 or older and have a primary residence in St Louis County
  • 60 years or older and receiving surviving spouse social security benefits
  • 100% disabled

The tax credit applies to a partial refund of up to $1100 for owners and $750 for renters who live in a building that pays real estate tax. Seniors in eligible nursing homes can also apply. For instructions on how to apply visit individual/property-tax-credit -cla im.html

Non-for-profit organizations are also eligible for St Louis County property tax exemptions. You can find the application online.

St Louis County Property Tax Appeals

Although the County Assessor goes to great lengths to ensure assessment values are as accurate as possible, errors do occur. So if you think your property assessment is too high, you have the right to appeal and have your property tax re-examined.

The Board of Equalization is responsible for hearing any St Louis property tax appeals. You can contact them at 314-615-7195 to request more information on how to submit an appeal or stop by their office at 41 South Central Avenue Clayton, MO 63105-1799. The office is open from 8 am to 5 pm.

The deadline to submit an appeal changes every year, so be sure to check their website for updated information. But the appeal period typically begins in May and closes in July.

St Louis County Property Tax FAQ

Can I Make Partial Payments on My St Louis County Property Taxes?

Although there is no formal system for making partial payments, you can apply to pre-pay upcoming property taxes quarterly. Or you can make a partial payment on delinquent property taxes by mail (although late fees still apply).

Does the City of St Louis Pay St Louis County Property Taxes?

No, the city of St Louis is not actually in St Louis County. It’s its own separate jurisdiction and has its own tax laws (although the methods and rates for determining property taxes are similar.)

What is the Difference Between St Louis County Personal Property Taxes and Real Property Taxes?

Personal property tax applies to moveable objects not permanently attached to lands such as vehicles and boats. Real property is a tax on land and structures.

Ready to make the move to St Louis County? While you’re calculating your tax bill you should also consider how you’re going to transfer your belongings. At Federal Companies, we serve all of St. Louis County and other parts of the midwest. Fill out the form on our website or call us directly at (800) 747-4100 to request a quote.


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