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Living in the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood | 🏆 Restaurants, Things to Do, Demographics, Safety, What it’s Like in St. Louis Hills

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2023, 01:08 pm

St. Louis Hills is an affluent neighborhood of St. Louis, located in the city’s 16th ward, known for its wonderful historic architecture, unique layout and lifestyle, and long history. Marketed by the phrase “Country living in the city”, St. Louis Hills act as a sort of semi-rural retreat in the urban sprawl of St. Louis, giving the community a very unique and cultured feel. Living in St. Louis Hills is a unique experience, and is one of the best places to explore St. Louis from!


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Where is St. Louis Hills?

St. Louis Hills is located in the southwest of St. Louis, right on the River Des Peres. It is bordered by Willmore Park to the south, South Hampton to the east, and Lindenwood Park to the north. The distance from St. Louis Hills to the center of St. Louis is a little less than 10 miles. St. Louis Hills is located partially within the zip codes of 63110, 63139, and 63109.

St. Louis Hills is located in close proximity to the major highways of the I-44, I-40, and I-50. It is bounded by Chippewa Street to the north, and Hampton Avenue to the east, with the end of St. Louis city limits occurring to the west. The proximity of this neighborhood to many of St. Louis’ transportation arteries mean that commutes are trivial.

Map of St. Louis Hills, St. Louis

St. Louis Hills, St. Louis, MO History & Overview

The history of St. Louis Hills is relatively short, compared to the old city it finds itself in. While St. Louis itself has a history stretching back to the 18th century with French colonization, St. Louis Hills was a far more recent development, originally conceived and built in the early 20th century, before World War 2.

The land which would become St. Louis Hills was initially passed as a land grant between French, and then American, colonists who did little with it, leaving the hilly area to essentially remain undeveloped, wild forest. That changed in the 1930s, when the deed was sold to one Cyrus Crane Willmore, the visionary responsible for developing the neighborhood as it is today.

Right off the bat, the wide open green parks and developing businesses would attract many of St. Louis’ wealthy, including MLB hall of famer Stan Musial. To this day, St. Louis Hills still retains much of that charm and prestige, which attracts many well-off families to flock to the area.

The population of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood is 7,516, and are generally well-educated and affluent, allowing them to afford St. Louis Hills’ comparatively higher housing prices. The age of the population here tends to trend just a bit older compared to surrounding neighborhoods, and ethnically speaking is very homogenous, with Whites making up over 80% of the population, with Asians making up a minor contingent of the population at around 5%.The median household income for St. Louis Hills is $62,930.


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What’s It Like Living in St. Louis Hills?

St. Louis Hills is a neighborhood defined by its openness, parks, leisure, and cozy community. You’ll have plenty of places to spend a beautiful day outdoors, and the properties here are absolutely beautiful, no matter which you choose to make your home proper. While not as ritzy as it once was in the ‘50s, St. Louis Hills is still largely inhabited by the well-to-do, and is a very family-friendly neighborhood. Moving to St. Louis Hills will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in St. Louis Hills, St. Louis, MO

Being largely residential, you’d be forgiven for thinking that St. Louis Hills might be a bit dull in the “things to do” department – but that’s where you’d be wrong! Not only is there plenty to do around this neighborhood, but also lots of great places to eat and shop!

If you’re looking for groceries, restaurants, or just about anything else you’d need on a regular day, you’ll only have to drive a mile or two north to Hampton Village Plaza, a shopping center with all the name-brand amenities you’d expect. Just a bit east of the Hampton Village Plaza is the Southtown Centre, which contains further amenities, just in case Hampton Village Plaza wasn’t enough for you!

Looking for things to do in St. Louis Hills? Your absolute top priority should be visiting one of St. Louis Hills’ many beautiful parks! The immense 100+ acre Willmore Park, set on the River Des Peres, is probably the most popular in the community, owing to its wonderful atmosphere, beautiful setting, and amenities. The equally beautiful Francis Park has an expansive set of play areas, perfect for spending a day out with the kids.

Looking for restaurants that could satisfy even the discerning food critic within St. Louis Hills? You’ll also be in luck! Stop by Salt + Smoke for a taste of excellent Texan cuisine, something you probably won’t get much of in Missouri. If you’re craving something from a little farther south than that, stop by Dos Reyes, an excellent Mexican restaurant serving up the best dishes from the land of the Aztecs.


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St. Louis Hills, St. Louis, MO Schools

Those who choose to start living in St. Louis Hills will be served by the St. Louis City School District, with access to many of St. Louis’ best schools. You will be zoned into schools in nearly the entire city, with many of the best in the area being near or within St. Louis Hills. With nearly 200 schools on offer, you’ll not be starved for options here! Options within St. Louis Hills include the AAA Busch Middle School and the Bishop DuBourg Catholic High School.

Is St. Louis Hills, St. Louis, MO Safe?

Wondering if St. Louis Hills is a safe neighborhood to live in? Well, consider yourself very lucky, because St. Louis Hills is among the safest neighborhoods in the St. Louis metro area! According to AreaVibes, the crime rate of St. Louis Hills is nearly a fifth of the crime rate of St. Louis itself, at 2,812 crimes per 100,000 people. The violent crime rate here is 20% below the national average, although the neighborhood does have a property crime problem, with the property crime rate being 20% over the national average.

St. Louis Hills, St. Louis, MO Real Estate

Despite the fact that St. Louis Hills is among the safest and most affluent of St. Louis’ neighborhoods, you’ll be surprised at just how affordable living in this neighborhood is. The historic buildings, cozy community, and wonderful parks can all be yours at a reasonable price. According to Redfin, the average home price in St. Louis Hills is $368,000, the price very slightly increasing over the years. The median days on the market for real estate is a fairly fast 9 days, while the number of homes sold annually is 38.

Considering how open the neighborhood is, as well as how safe it is compared to the rest of St. Louis, the home prices here are an absolute steal. As for renting, apartments in St. Louis Hills have a typical monthly rent of $1,113, according to Rentcafe.


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If you’re interested in looking at listings for St. Louis Hills’s homes, take a look at some St. Louis Hills, St. Louis, MO real estate options here.

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