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What It’s Like Living in Huntley IL 👪 | Moving to Huntley Illinois Guide

Last Updated on: 1st January 2024, 08:45 pm

Nestled in McHenry and Kane Counties, this picturesque village boasts a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s. Originally named Huntley Station after Thomas Stillwell Huntley, a pioneer who operated the station, the town gradually expanded around this railway stop. By the late 1800s, Huntley had grown into a bustling community with various businesses, including mills, stores, and a post office.

Throughout its history, agriculture played a significant role in Huntley’s economy, with dairy farming becoming a prominent industry. The town’s growth was also spurred by the opening of the Huntley Factory, which produced agricultural machinery and contributed to the local economy. Over time, Huntley transitioned from a primarily agricultural community to a more diversified economy, incorporating residential and commercial developments. 

The town has experienced significant population growth and suburbanization, attracting new residents seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle while maintaining its historical charm. Residents and visitors alike are drawn to its well-maintained parks, including Deicke Park, offering recreational facilities and hosting community events. The town’s quaint downtown area is adorned with local shops, restaurants, and historic landmarks, inviting exploration and fostering a sense of community pride. With its excellent schools and a burgeoning residential landscape, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving to Huntley seeking a peaceful yet vibrant place to call home.

Where Is Huntley Illinois?

Situated in McHenry and Kane counties, Huntley is a village in northern Illinois. Huntley IL to Chicago IL is 50 miles, with nearby towns such as Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, and Hampshire bordering it.

Map of Huntley Illinois

Huntley IL Population and Demographics

One unique aspect of Huntley’s population is its substantial growth over the past few decades. The town has experienced a remarkable increase in residents, transitioning from a small farming community to a rapidly growing suburban area. Huntley caters to a diverse demographic comprising of families, young professionals, and retirees seeking a peaceful community. 

The Huntley population is 28,008 residents, offering a blend of suburban comforts and small-town charm. Demographically, Huntley is moderately diverse. The racial demographics in Huntley are White (Non-Hispanic) 79%, White (Hispanic) 7.41%, Asian 5.44%, Black or African American 4.6%, and two or more races 1.9%).

More Huntley Demographics:

  • Population density: Approximately 1,941 residents per square mile
  • Median age: 48.8 years old
  • Gender ratio: 51.52% female and 48.48% male
  • Median household income: $76,612
  • Education levels: High school graduates at 95%, with 35% holding bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • Foreign-born residents:9.77%
  • Veteran population: 1,981

Safety is a huge priority in Huntley. The Huntley overall crime rate is 141 per 100,000 people. That’s 92.9% lower than the state of Illinois! Violent crime in Huntley is nearly nonexistent, and the property crime rate in Huntley is 102 per 100,000 people. The Huntley Village Police Department is who keeps the area safe as can be. There are 38 police officers serving the area!

Huntley IL Cost of Living

Huntley isn’t the most affordable place to reside. It is 54% more expensive than the rest of the United States. While some items, like utilities, are slightly lower than the national average, others are much more expensive. As with most places, the highest cost of living in Huntley is the housing. The homes for sale in Huntley IL sell in about 46 days and often receive two offers. The median sale price of a home in Huntley is $330,000. 

Because the market is fairly competitive, now is a good time to buy one of the homes for sale in Huntley IL. A lot of people rent in Huntley as well. If you’re looking for homes for rent in Huntley, IL, you can plan to pay over $3,000 a month. Renting in Huntley is more affordable for an apartment. The average rent in Huntley is $1,482 for a 1,033 square foot apartment according to RentCafe.

Typical Living Expenses in Huntley:

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $20.50
  • Local beer: Approximately $7.00
  • 1 gallon of milk: Roughly $4.25
  • Dozen eggs: Averaging at $4.42
  • 1 pound of chicken: $6.11
  • Average monthly utility bill: $179.85

Source: Numbeo, Chicago Metro

The Best Neighborhoods in Huntley

Explore various neighborhoods in Huntley to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle:

Del Webb | 55+ Community with Modern Amenities

Del Webb in Huntley IL, also known as Sun City offers contemporary living with a focus on 55 and older. The neighborhood boasts newer homes, well-maintained landscapes, and proximity to local shopping and parks, catering to older adults seeking a vibrant yet peaceful setting.

Talamore | Upscale Living with Recreational Facilities

Talamore showcases upscale living with an array of amenities including golf courses, clubhouses, and swimming pools. This neighborhood appeals to residents desiring luxury living amid picturesque landscapes and recreational opportunities.

Huntley IL Weather & Climate

Huntley experiences distinct seasons typical of the Midwest, with warm summers and cold winters. Summer spans from late May to mid-September, with July marking the warmest month, averaging around 85°F during the day and 65°F at night. Winter, from early December to mid-March, sees temperatures dropping to an average low of 20°F and highs around 35°F in January. 

Precipitation in Huntley varies, with an average annual rainfall of approximately 35 inches and an average snowfall of 32 inches, providing residents with a true four-season experience. The best time to visit Huntley is in late spring and early summer.

Things To Do in Huntley OH

Discover a variety of activities and attractions that Huntley offers, perfect for families! Whether you want fun things to do in Huntley with kids, or the perfect date activity, Huntley has it all. And if you’re looking for shopping, you won’t be disappointed. Grab your daily needs at the Walgreens in Huntley, and then check out the unique shops at Huntley Grove.

Tom’s Farm Market and Greenhouses


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Tom’s Farm Market and Greenhouses in Huntley is a local treasure renowned for its vibrant array of fresh produce and seasonal delights. From crisp, locally grown fruits and vegetables to beautiful blooms and garden essentials, this family-owned market offers a cornucopia of quality goods. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, visitors can explore the greenhouses, discovering an assortment of plants and flowers perfect for gardens or home decor. 

Tom’s Farm Market stands as a cherished destination, providing not just products but a delightful experience for those seeking the best in local produce and garden treasures in Huntley.

10214 W Algonquin Rd, Huntley, IL 60142, (847) 669-3421

Deicke Park

Deicke Park stands as a beloved recreational haven in Huntley, offering scenic beauty for visitors of all ages. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, this expansive park features well-maintained sports fields, playgrounds, and walking trails that wind through lush greenery. 

Families often gather for picnics in the shaded pavilions, while the park’s various sports facilities cater to athletic enthusiasts and community leagues. Deicke Park is a vibrant hub hosting community events, festivals, and concerts, fostering a strong sense of community spirit and leisurely enjoyment in Huntley.

11419 IL-47, Huntley, IL 60142, (847) 669-3180

Stingray Bay Family Aquatic Center

The Stingray Bay Family Aquatic Center is a cherished summertime destination in Huntley, offering a refreshing escape for families and water enthusiasts. This aquatic center features a range of thrilling water attractions, including water slides, splash pads, and a relaxing lazy river, providing endless entertainment for visitors of all ages. Families can enjoy the expansive pools for swimming and lounging, while kids revel in the interactive play structures and water features. 

122​19 Lois Ln, Huntley, IL 60142, (847) 515-7665

Additional Attractions in Huntley:

Explore local festivals and events organized by the village and check dates on the Huntley Events Calendar. For further exploration, McHenry County Conservation District operates multiple parks and nature preserves, providing additional outdoor activities.

Restaurants in Huntley IL

Indulge in culinary delights at some of the top-rated restaurants in Huntley:

Papa G’s

They offer a menu with classic comfort foods such as burgers, fries, sandwiches, hearty soups, and perhaps some homestyle favorites like meatloaf or fried chicken. Papa G’s creates a nostalgic dining experience, with a cozy ambiance reminiscent of traditional diners and family-owned eateries. They always have friendly service, generous portions, and a welcoming atmosphere that evokes a sense of nostalgia for familiar, hearty meals.

10502 IL-47, Huntley, IL 60142, (847) 669-1717

Brunch Cafe

The Brunch Café in Huntley is a delightful spot known for its inviting ambiance and a menu designed to satisfy breakfast and brunch cravings. This cozy eatery offers a wide array of brunch options, from traditional favorites like fluffy pancakes, eggs Benedict, and crispy bacon to creative twists on classics such as avocado toast variations and unique omelets. Patrons often rave about the café’s friendly service, generous portion sizes, and the variety of both sweet and savory dishes available. With its charming décor and a menu tailored for breakfast enthusiasts, the Brunch Café provides a warm and flavorful experience for brunch lovers in Huntley.

12270 Princeton Dr, Huntley, IL 60142, (847) 669-8437

Village Inn

Village Inn in Huntley is a welcoming restaurant that prides itself on serving delicious American-style cuisine with a cozy diner atmosphere. Known for its extensive menu featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, Village Inn offers classic comfort foods like fluffy pancakes, savory omelets, hearty sandwiches, and homestyle dinners. Patrons appreciate the diner’s friendly service and the availability of all-day breakfast options. It’s a popular spot for families and individuals looking for a relaxed dining experience with familiar and satisfying meals in Huntley.

11713 Main St, Huntley, IL 60142, (847) 669-5858

Jobs in Huntley


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Huntley presents employment opportunities across a variety of industries. Education and health services make up the majority of jobs within Huntley and the average salary in Huntley is $45,553. The village hosts a range of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

Key Employers in Huntley and McHenry County include:

For those seeking employment, explore job listings in Huntley on Indeed or check out opportunities within McHenry County’s job board.

Huntley Schools

In Huntley, Illinois, the school system is primarily served by Huntley Community School District 158. The district includes several schools in Huntley catering to different grade levels.

Elementary Schools:

Middle School:

  • Huntley Middle School

High School:

  • Huntley High School

Huntley has access to various colleges nearby, including:

There’s also the Huntley Area Public Library full of fun activities, books, movies, and more.

Huntley IL Statistics & Information

  • County: McHenry and Kane
  • Area: 17 square miles
  • Huntley IL zip code: 60142
  • Area codes: 847 and 779
  • Elevation: 889 feet
  • Time zone: Central Standard Time
  • Closest airport: Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD), 35 miles away

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