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Explore Jefferson County Missouri 📍 | Towns & Cities in Jefferson County MO

Last Updated on: 17th April 2024, 02:31 am

Part of the St. Louis metro area, Jefferson County, Missouri, offers picturesque rural living at its finest yet within commuting distance of the city. Known for its state parks, private lake communities, and outdoor recreation, there are about two dozen small communities and cities in Jefferson County MO you’ll fall in love with.

Here’s an overview of the many quiet Jefferson County cities and villages tucked amid the region’s rivers and hills.

About Jefferson County, Missouri

Jefferson County, Missouri, is nestled just to the south of St. Louis in eastern Missouri straddling the Mississippi River and Missouri-Illinois border. It’s the sixth largest of counties in Missouri by population and home to many of the southern suburbs of St. Louis.

Jefferson County is known for its remarkable Ozark Highlands landscapes and serene river views, sprawling state parks and historic sites, and quiet, private lakeside communities.

It’s home to the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site, which offers a picturesque glimpse into the 19th century and attracts both history buffs and photography enthusiasts. Another jewel in the county’s crown is Mastodon State Historic Site, where evidence of mastodon and other extinct Ice Age animals were discovered, offering a fascinating insight into prehistoric times.

At Don Robinson State Park, you’ll see the beauty of Missouri’s wilderness is on full display. The Big River, which meanders through the county, provides an excellent opportunity for fishing, canoeing, and other water activities.

This region is not just about natural beauty and historic sites; it’s a community that thrives on festivals, local art, and a strong sense of community. From the annual festivals that celebrate the county’s rich heritage and culture to the warm, welcoming vibe of the small towns and cities in Jefferson County MO, you’ll find a place where you can belong.

Jefferson County, MO Demographics

  • Jefferson County population: 226,739
  • Population density: 345 people per square mile
  • Area: 656.4 square miles
  • Median age: 40 years
  • Educational attainment: 22.8% bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Jefferson County median household income: $77,217
  • Jefferson County median home price: $260,000

Largest Cities in Jefferson County, MO

There are only ten towns and cities in Jefferson County Missouri with at least 4,000 people. Even the largest city has less than 25,000 residents!

#1. Arnold (City)

  • Arnold population: 20,858
  • Area: 11.5 square miles
  • Median age: 41 years
  • Median household income: $72,317
  • Median home price: $238,500
  • Arnold, MO map

Arnold is the largest city in Jefferson County, Missouri. Just 18 miles southwest of St. Louis, this charming suburb sits along the Meramec River. It’s known for its outdoor activities like fishing and boating as well as highly rated schools and a thriving industry. It’s a great place to live for retirees and families with low taxes and a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and even retirement communities.

The Arnold Recreation Center is a big highlight for residents with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, concessions, a walking track, a two-court gym, a fitness center and weight room, and even a lounge with air hockey, foosball, and pool table. It’s on a 23-acre campus with the Jefferson County Library and Jefferson College Arnold, one of three community college campuses in the county.

#2. Festus (City)

  • Festus population: 12,706
  • Area: 5.9 square miles
  • Median age: 37 years
  • Median household income: $65,942
  • Median home price: $215,000
  • Festus, MO map

Festus, the second largest city in Jefferson County MO, is a cultural and entertainment hub of Jefferson County. Located on the Mississippi River, the city offers excellent outdoor recreation, shopping, and entertainment, with a charming downtown always bustling with activity.

Festus hosts many events and festivals throughout the year like Swingin’ Under the Stars with the Missouri Big Band, WinterFest, and the West City Trash & Treasure Expo – essentially a huge community yard sale. The annual Twin City Days Festival celebrates the close relationship Festus shares with its neighboring city, Crystal City.

Larry G. Crites Memorial Park is a major draw with 100 acres of water features, ball fields, and open space. It has one of the newest ball field complexes in the area, plus a 15-mile bike trail, three-acre lake, and fairgrounds. Outdoor enthusiasts can also appreciate the Crystal Highlands Golf Course, a premier public course with fantastic views.

Catch the latest releases at the B&B Festus 8 Cinema, a state-of-the-art theater with heated reclining seats and RealD 3D technology.

#3. Murphy (CDP)

  • Murphy population: 8,425
  • Area: 3.9 square miles
  • Median age: 36 years
  • Median household income: $69,266
  • Median home price: $297,500
  • Murphy, MO map

Murphy is the largest of the unincorporated towns in Jefferson County Missouri. It may be smaller in size, but it’s rich in community spirit and natural beauty. The Murphy Park is a favorite spot among locals for picnics, walks, and family outings. The nearby Meramec Valley provides outdoor enthusiasts with opportunities for fishing, hiking, and canoeing, making Murphy a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

#4. De Soto (City)

  • De Soto population: 6,449
  • Area: 4.4 square miles
  • Median age: 34 years
  • Median household income: $44,788
  • Median home price: $170,000
  • De Soto, MO map

De Soto serves as a gateway to some of Missouri’s most pristine natural attractions, including the breathtaking Washington State Park. The park is famous for its ancient petroglyphs, with easy access to fishing, canoeing, and swimming in the Big River and hiking trails across over 2,100 acres. The park even has a swimming pool with concessions, cabins, and watercraft rentals.

De Soto’s annual Fall Festival draws people from around the region to celebrate local culture, crafts, and cuisine. The city’s Main Street, recently beautified, offers dining and shopping opportunities. With affordable home prices and a picturesque location, De Soto is popular with families and retirees looking for a great quality of life.

#5. Pevely (City)

  • Pevely population: 6,107
  • Area: 4.9 square miles
  • Median age: 34 years
  • Median household income: $68,141
  • Median home price: $250,750
  • Pevely, MO map

Pevely, Missouri, is a small Jefferson County city on the Mississippi River. It’s best known for the Oak Valley Golf Course & Resort, a premier golfing destination on a 350-acre wooded setting with breathtaking views of the Mississippi River. The course is celebrated for hosting numerous tournaments and providing a serene getaway for golf enthusiasts.

Beyond the links, Pevely’s proximity to the Mississippi River offers fishing to boating opportunities. The city is also home to four parks. Pevely Park is the most developed, with play areas and picnic areas. The Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 (or simply the I-55 Raceway) is a fun weekend destination for Saturday night races.

#6. Barnhart (CDP)

  • Barnhart population: 5,832
  • Area: 5.1 square miles
  • Median age: 33.7 years
  • Median household income: $91,864
  • Median home price: $279,750
  • Barnhart, MO map

About 26 miles south of St. Louis is the small but affluent suburb of Barnhart. One of the largest towns in Jefferson County, Missouri, it’s right on the Missouri-Illinois border and the Mississippi River between Imperial to the north and Pevely to the south.

Barnhart is the most affluent community in Jefferson County, MO with a median household income of almost $92,000. It’s also one of the youngest with a median age under 34.

#7. Imperial (CDP)

  • Imperial population: 4,947
  • Area: 5.2 square miles
  • Median age: 37.5 years
  • Median household income: $79,952
  • Median home price: $255,000
  • Imperial, MO map

Originally known as West Kimmswick for the historic Catholic church of St. John’s, Imperial is today one of the most captivating towns in Jefferson County.

Imperial is best known for the Mastodon State Historic Site. Get a unique glimpse into prehistoric Missouri with significant archaeological finds and hiking trails through pristine woodlands. It’s one of the most extensive deposits from the Pleistocene era or Ice Age. The park’s museum tells the story of the state’s oldest American Indian site and how the Clovis people interacted with and hunted mastodons.

Another jewel in Imperial’s crown is Imperial Bowl, a classic family-friendly entertainment venue. With its lively atmosphere, it remains a popular spot for both casual and league bowlers.


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#8. Crystal City (City)

  • Crystal City population: 4,735
  • Area: 4.5 square miles
  • Median age: 41 years
  • Median household income: $61,818
  • Median home price: $205,000
  • Crystal City, MO map

Crystal City, adjacent to its sister city Festus, shines as a quaint yet vibrant community nestled along the Mississippi River. Historically renowned for its glass manufacturing, the city has been called the Glass Capital.

A prime attraction is the Crystal City Underground, a vast subterranean complex offering unique experiences from cave dining to underground boat rides and disc golf in a former sand mine.

With panoramic views of the river, ample recreational activities, and a close-knit community atmosphere, Crystal City is one of the best places to live in Jefferson County, Missouri, for families and outdoor lovers.

#9. Herculaneum (City)

  • Herculaneum population: 4,273
  • Area: 4.2 square miles
  • Median age: 39.7 years
  • Median household income: $79,924
  • Median home price: $312,500
  • Herculaneum, MO map

Herculaneum, Missouri, nestled along the western banks of the Mississippi River in Eastern Jefferson County, offers both historical depth and natural beauty. Renowned for its lead smelting history, the city is a gateway to understanding the industry’s impact on the region. Today, Herculaneum’s pride is the Doe Run Lead Smelter, a site of significant industrial heritage.

Despite its industrial past, the city boasts lush parks, providing residents and visitors alike with serene spots for relaxation and recreation. The Herculaneum Riverfront Park stands out for its picturesque views of the Mississippi.

#10. High Ridge (CDP)

  • High Ridge population: 4,242
  • Area: 3.8 square miles
  • Median age: 45 years
  • Median household income: $70,333
  • Median home price: $202,750
  • High Ridge, MO map

High Ridge, Missouri, perched atop the bluffs of the Meramec River Valley, is celebrated for its gorgeous landscapes and vibrant community life. It’s a sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike, offering a blend of natural beauty and suburban comfort. The area is known for the Sugar Creek Golf Course & Banquet Center, often rated the best golf course in the St. Louis area. As its name implies, High Ridge is the second highest point in Jefferson County after Sun Ridge.

The Pleasant Valley Nature Preserve is a popular hiking destination with 40 acres of undeveloped natural beauty. High Ridge is also home to the Beaumont Scout Reservation, a 2,400-acre St. Louis Area Boy Scouts camp.

Small Jefferson County Missouri Cities & Towns

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? There are many other small villages and cities in Jefferson County MO, plus desirable unincorporated residential communities.

Raintree Plantation is one of the best places to live near St. Louis if you want the perfect blend of nature and luxury. This gated community outside Hillsboro features four artificial lakes surrounding the Raintree Country Club with a private 18-hole golf course. The community of 2,000 people is nestled against the Valley View Glades Natural Area with fantastic views, beaches, boating, and fishing.

Summer Set is another gated lake community in rural Jefferson County. Just three miles south of De Soto, the community of 1,125 surrounds three artificial lakes.

The scenic Briarwood Estates community is yet another private lake community in Jefferson County. Just northwest of De Soto, the community of more than 100 homes and over 800 lots surrounding three artificial lakes. The private Desoto Country Club Golf Course runs through portions of Briarwood Estates.

Community Population Municipality type
Hillsboro 3,473 City
Brynes Mill 3,173 City
Raintree Plantation 1,996 CDP
Cedar Hill 1,625 CDP
LaBarque Creek 1,165 CDP
Summer Set 1,127 CDP
Horine 1,090 CDP
Olympian Village 719 City
Briarwood Estates 347 CDP
Lake Tekakwitha 231 Village
Cedar Hill Lakes 204 Village
Scotsdale 193 Village
Parkdale 156 Village
Kimmswick 135 City
Peaceful Village 93 Village

Map of Jefferson County MO Cities & Towns

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