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McLean County IL Guide 📍 | Towns & Cities in McLean County + Things to Do

Last Updated on: 28th January 2024, 09:42 pm

If you are thinking about moving to or within Illinois, then you should consider McLean County. McLean County is located in central Illinois and is the largest county by land area in the entire state. This county is attractive to many because of the affordable real estate, gorgeous nature, and low cost of living.

Before moving to the area, you will want to get a good idea of all of the different towns, villages, and cities in McLean County IL. Here is a complete guide to the different cities in McLean County as well as the area’s many villages, towns, and townships. All of the data provided comes from the US Census.

About McLean County

Where is McLean County? McLean County is one of the many counties in central Illinois and is the largest county in the state by land area. In fact, McLean County IL is larger than the entire state of Rhode Island! The population of McLean County is 170,954, and the county is included in the Bloomington-Normal Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county is popular among families, couples, and singles alike. Of the 68,879 households in the county, 59% are occupied by married couples, 24% by non-family members, 11% by a female householder, and 6% by a male householder.

McLean County has a great mix of urban and rural activities. You can head into the city to enjoy the Children’s Discovery Museum or the Lil Beaver Brewery. If you want to be one with nature, then you can check out the Sugar Grove Nature Center and Moraine View State Recreation Area.

A few notable people are from McLean County, including musician Pokey LaFarge, recording artist Bonnie Lou, and founder of State Farm George J. Mecherle.

McLean County Demographics

  • McLean County population: 170,954
  • McLean County median age: 33.9
  • McLean County median household income: $75,356
  • McLean County median price of housing: $215,000
  • McLean County area: 1,183.2 square miles
  • McLean County density: 144.6 people per square mile
  • McLean County educational attainment: 95.9% high school degree (or higher), 46.0% bachelor’s degree (or higher)

Largest Villages, Towns & Cities in McLean County IL

What cities are in McLean County? There are dozens of McLean County towns, cities, and villages to choose from in the area. We’ve put together a list of villages, towns, and cities in McLean County as well as a brief overview of each area. Here’s a guide to the major towns, villages, and cities in McLean County by population.


When it comes to McLean County cities, Bloomington is usually thought of first. Bloomington is the county seat and is home to over 78,000 people. When living in Bloomington, you can enjoy low crime rates. The crime rate in Bloomington is 4% lower than the state average and 19% lower than the national average. Bloomington is home to many of the county’s top attractions such as the Miller Park Zoo and The Castle Theatre. You’ll also find many top-rated restaurants like The Lucca Grill and Times Past Inn.

  • Bloomington population: 78,680
  • Bloomington area: 27.1 square miles
  • Bloomington median home price: $233,000
  • Bloomington median household income: $67,592


Normal is one of the best towns in McLean County. Moving to Normal is becoming a popular choice for homeowners due to the incredibly affordable real estate. In fact, Redfin recently named Normal as the 5th-most affordable place to live in Illinois. Although home prices are up 14.3% compared to last year, they are still well below the national average of $413,504. Downtown Normal is also home to many wonderful apartment living options such as The Social Normal, The Social on Hovey, and Pinecrest Apartments. According to RentCafe, the median rent in Normal is $1,311 per month.

  • Normal population: 52,736
  • Normal area: 18.4 square miles
  • Normal median home price: $225,000
  • Normal median household income: $58,564

Le Roy

Le Roy was one of the first established cities in McLean County IL. First laid out in 1835, Le Roy is now known as one of the most family-friendly McLean County cities. Le Roy is a charming area, with sidewalk-lined streets and family-owned businesses. Top-rated schools in the city include LeRoy Elementary School and LeRoy High School. The city is surrounded by green space, and residents can easily access The LeRoy Country Club, which includes a historic golf course, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse.

  • Le Roy population: 3,512
  • Le Roy area: 2.4 square miles
  • Le Roy median home price: $195,000
  • Le Roy median household income: $78,512


Heyworth is a village located in the southern portion of McLean County. Out of all of the villages and cities in McLean County IL, Heyworth is among the safest. The Heyworth crime rate is 217 crimes per 100,000 people, which is 89% lower than the state average and 91% lower than the national average. These low crime rates make the village popular among families. Of the 1,008 households in Heyworth, 74% are occupied by married couples, and 42.8% have children under the age of 18 living with them.

  • Heyworth population: 2,791
  • Heyworth area: 3.3 square miles
  • Heyworth median home price: $150,000
  • Heyworth median household income: $71,667

El Paso

El Paso is a city located in both Woodford and McLean County Illinois. El Paso is popular among commuters as the city provides easy access to major roadways such as U.S. Route 24, Interstate 39, and U.S. Route 51. The city is small, but you will find many cafes and bars along East Front Street such as The Alley, Topsy’s Bar and Grill, and Java Cafe. During the warm summer months, Franklin Park and Corn Belt Park are some of the most popular spots in all of the city.

  • El Paso population: 2,756
  • El Paso area: 2.1 square miles
  • El Paso median home price: $195,000
  • El Paso median household income: $58,179


Located in northern McLean County Illinois, Lexington is one of the state’s most historic railroad cities. Lexington is one of the best cities in McLean County IL for those who work in Bloomington but want to live outside of the city. It is only 18.5 miles from Lexington to Bloomington via I-55 N. This provides residents with easy access to some of Bloomington’s top employers such as State Farm Insurance, Illinois State University, and Country Financial. The median salary in Lexington is $60,446.

  • Lexington population: 2,090
  • Lexington area: 2.0 square miles
  • Lexington median home price: $224,000
  • Lexington median household income: $83,233


Hudson is a cozy village in northwestern McLean County. The village is only five miles north of Normal, making it a popular area for commuters to live. Many young families live in Hudson, and the average household size is 3 persons (20% higher than the figure in Illinois). Hudson is just a short drive away from the Shady Hollow Nature Area, where visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and breathtaking views. In the village itself, residents have easy access to outdoor attractions like Waller Park and Friendship Park.

  • Hudson population: 1,753
  • Hudson area: 0.8 square miles
  • Hudson median home price: $254,000
  • Hudson median household income: $98,125


The city of Chenoa is located at the intersections of Interstate 55, Historic Route 66, and U.S. Route 24. Chenoa is one of the most affordable cities in McLean County Illinois, and the median home price is only $135,000. Home prices are up nearly 50% since last year, however, they are still below the national average of $413,504. In this area, you will find mostly two-story, single-family homes with large driveways and spacious yards. Chenoa is also a popular place to buy land for a custom-built home.

  • Chenoa population: 1,685
  • Chenoa area: 2.4 square miles
  • Chenoa median home price: $135,000
  • Chenoa median household income: $58,977

Twin Grove

Twin Grove is a census-designated place (CDP) in western McLean County IL. The CDP is mostly rural, and the area has a population density of just 380 people per square mile. Twin Grove is popular among retirees, and the largest age group in the area is 60-69 (20% of the population). The CDP is almost entirely residential, but it is only 6.5 miles away from Bloomington, providing residents with easy access to all of the city’s attractions.

  • Twin Grove population: 1,524
  • Twin Grove area: 4.0 square miles
  • Twin Grove median home price: $362,000
  • Twin Grove median household income: $100,000


The family-friendly village of Gridley is perfect for those looking for a small-town feel. Your kids can spend their days at the Gridley City Pool or Gridley City Park. If you want to grab a bite to eat, you can walk over to one of the village’s popular restaurants like Green Garden or Fat Albert’s. If you have older children, they can enjoy easy access to El Paso Gridley Middle School. Popular nearby private schools include Prairie School and Countryside Private School.

  • Gridley population: 1,456
  • Gridley area: 1.2 square miles
  • Gridley median home price: $135,000
  • Gridley median household income: $53,958


Downs is a village located on the outskirts of Bloomington. The village of Downs has some of the most expensive real estate prices in the county. This is largely due to the area having many new construction homes as well as large plots of land for sale. However, the more expensive home prices are offset by the village having one of the highest median household incomes in the county. When living in the area, you will have easy access to the Central Illinois Regional Airport, which is only 8 miles away.

  • Downs population: 1,201
  • Downs area: 3.0 square miles
  • Downs median home price: $433,000
  • Downs median household income: $95,313


When it comes to McLean County towns and villages, Danvers is at the top of the list. This small village is located in western McLean County and is primarily residential. The area is very walkable and is a popular choice among families. In fact, the most popular age group in Danvers is 10-19 (17% of the population). Everyone knows everyone in Danvers, and you can catch up with your neighbors at popular spots such as Danvers Bar & Grill and The Vault Bar and Grill. The village is home to one school, Olympia Elementary School.

  • Danvers population: 1,089
  • Danvers area: 0.8 square miles
  • Danvers median home price: $138,000
  • Danvers median household income: $65,707

Other Villages in McLean County

Aside from the main McLean County cities and villages, there are many other villages with a population of 1,000 or less. A village is defined as a small municipality with limited corporate powers. Here are all of the villages in McLean County Illinois as well as their populations.

  • Colfax: 996
  • McLean: 743
  • Saybrook: 654
  • Stanford: 600
  • Carlock: 548
  • Towanda: 431
  • Bellflower: 346
  • Arrowsmith: 276
  • Ellsworth: 184
  • Anchor: 163
  • Cooksville: 157

McLean County Townships

In addition to villages and cities in McLean County IL, the area is also home to several townships. A township is a division of a county with some corporate powers. These are all of the townships in McLean County IL. Although many townships share a name with a city or village, it is important to know that the township is larger and is its own municipality.

McLean County Townships
Township Population
Bloomington City 78,874
Normal 53,062
Randolph 4,253
Empire 3,991
Old Town 3,360
Bloomington 2,638
Lexington 2,586
Hudson 2,352
Chenoa 1,998
Towanda 1,942
Gridley 1,747
Danvers 1,620
Dry Grove 1,386
Downs 1,370
Dale 1,257
Martin 1,226
Mount Hope 1,029
Cheney’s Grove 971
Money Creek 963
White Oak 949
Allin 877
Dawson 648
Arrowsmith 544
Bellflower 491
Blue Mound 435
Funk’s Grove 404
Anchor 359
Yates 279
West 180
Cropsey 126
Lawndale 40

McLean County Map

Check out this cities in McLean County map.

There are many amazing cities and towns in McLean County for you to choose from. After you’ve chosen your home from this list of McLean County cities, get in touch with Federal Companies to get started with the next steps. Our reliable McLean County movers will do everything we can to make your relocation a great one. Call us today at (800) 747-4100 to discuss your move and get started with a free quote


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