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Your specialty items deserve care. Yet many companies won’t move pianos, exercise equipment, computers, and other items, saying they’re too delicate or fragile to be handled correctly. Federal Companies is the most trusted St. Louis specialty moving company because we can move any item you own. We serve all of St. Louis, all of St. Louis County, and the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

No matter how big or fragile your collectibles or valuables are, our team of St. Louis specialized movers will give you an efficient process while keeping your items safe. Here’s what you should know about our St. Louis specialty moving solutions.

Why Trust Federal Companies With Your Specialty Moving Needs?

Federal Companies was founded in 1913. Over the last 110 years, we’ve performed hundreds of thousands of moves, relocating bulky, fragile, and unusually shaped items throughout the country. Each mover on our moving team receives extensive training in the moving process, including furniture assembly and disassembly. If your items have multiple components, we can carefully remove them, store them in secure boxes, and reassemble them at your new destination. 

We use specialty equipment to keep your items safe, including furniture pads, dollies, and hand carts. We perform all the heavy lifting, working together to minimize damage to your valuables, floors, and doors. We are a fully licensed St. Louis specialty moving company, so you can know you’re in good hands during the moving process.

  • Over 100 years of experience
  • Over 200,000 customers served
  • 160+ positive Google reviews with an average star rating of 4.7
  • A crew of 200 efficient, trained, and friendly St. Louis specialty movers
  • Award-winning specialty moving company and partner of Allied Van Lines
  • Dedicated and spacious trucks for each move

Our Specialty Moving Services in St. Louis

Federal Companies offers nearly every type of specialty moving service. We can customize any service in our catalog, so if you have a special request, give us a call, and we’ll reach out to you to work out the details. We can also give you a free quote with transparent pricing for any St. Louis specialty moving project.

Custom Crating

We can make custom crates to store any item you own. Our custom wooden crates form tight seals around your belongings, protecting them from bumps on the road, moisture, and heat. Our St. Louis unique movers can deliver our crates to your door, load your items into them, and then move them in our spacious vans, letting you relax without lifting a finger.

Fine Art & Artwork

Our St. Louis fine art movers can handle any artwork you own, including priceless paintings, irreplaceable sculptures, and figurines. Our Missouri specialty movers will work together in teams to handle your items without damaging them. We can perform fine art moving anywhere within our service area, including long distance moves in all 50 states. 


Federal Companies is the best moving company for antiques because we have extensive experience and training in handling vintage and heirloom items. Our St. Louis antique movers can handle pottery, clocks, and antique furniture, including chairs and couches. If you move to your new location and find that you don’t have room for your antique furniture, our antique furniture movers can store your items in our climate-controlled storage facilities. 


We can move any collectibles you own, including oversized items, specialty equipment, and high-end objects. Our crew of St. Louis specialized movers will examine your items carefully and determine how to package and carry them without damaging them. If you already have your collectibles in cases or crates, we can wrap them in wrapping paper or furniture blankets to keep them safe and lift them into our trucks.

Grandfather Clocks

Many St. Louis specialized moving services do not handle grandfather clocks, as they contain fragile parts and are difficult to lift and move. Federal Companies has extensive experience in handling large grandfather clocks, including disassembly of the glass panels and chains inside the clocks. We use dollies to lift clocks off the floor and move them out of your house, preventing damage to both your clocks and flooring. 

Large & Unique Furniture

Large and unique furniture includes ottomans, daybeds, storage furniture, and dining tables. Before our St. Louis large item movers visit your home, we can conduct a virtual survey and figure out how to disassemble and handle your furniture without damaging anything. We can then disassemble your furniture into easy-to-move parts, keeping like items together so your furniture is easy to assemble at your new home. 

Computers & IT Equipment

Computers are easy to damage during the moving process, especially older devices with accessories like detached keyboards and hard drives. Many Missouri specialty moving companies also damage IT equipment like servers, printers, and wired telephones. Federal Companies will move your computers diligently, ensuring that your files, data, accessories, and components are completely protected. We can label and wrap cords so you can start your computer easily at your new destination. 

Treadmills & Home Gym Equipment

Many people think they can move treadmills and home gym equipment by themselves. But gym equipment is very heavy and requires specialized equipment to move correctly. Some treadmills are wide, meaning you need to remove the doors to your home gym in order to get them out. Our St. Louis large item moving specialists will figure out the most convenient way to move your treadmill. If we need to remove your doors, we will use tools like screwdrivers to remove them and then reinstall them. 

Arcade Games and Pinball Machines

Arcade games and pinball machines are rare items that some St. Louis unique movers have little or no experience with. We know how to handle classic and valuable arcade games, and we can work with you to ensure your games are taken care of, including by building custom crates. We can clean your games and pinball machines, figure out a route through your home for moving them, and then wrap them in shrink wrap and furniture pads to keep them safe on the road. 

Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs and spas require special care, as they often have to be removed from the ground and carried a long distance from the backyard to the moving truck. Our St. Louis movers for heavy items can lay out mats and materials on your lawn to prevent damage to your grass, soil, and sprinklers. Our hot tub moving company can carry your hot tubs using dollies and carts, and we can move your hot tub into its proper place in your new backyard. 


Our St. Louis piano movers will survey your piano and then move it with specialized equipment, such as automatic stair-climbing dollies and piano board tie-down straps. Our Missouri piano moving company can handle any piano in your music collection, including upright and grand pianos. 

Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Our St. Louis large item moving company can work with business owners on moving their industrial equipment and machinery to a new office space, construction site, or warehouse. We can also help homeowners move any heavy equipment and machinery they own for work or personal hobbies. We have great tools like roller skids, skates, and toe jacks to move your heavy equipment out of a garage or facility without straining ourselves or damaging anything.


You can hire our St. Louis delicate moving company to transport your car to a new home, apartment building, or warehouse, including across state lines. Our St. Louis cross state movers work in all 50 states, and we can transport your car in an enclosed trailer, keeping it safe from the elements. We have experience transporting used, vintage, and exotic vehicles. 


We can also move your motorcycles across state lines or to a new location within Missouri. We can handle motorcycles from any company, including BMW, Ducati, and Harley-Davidson. We can transport customized bikes and bike accessories, such as headlights and hand grips. Our St. Louis specialty moving company uses enclosed and open trailers for easy transportation of your bikes.

Boats, Jet Skis, and Watercraft

We can move any watercraft you own, including canoes, boats, jet skis, and kayaks. We can use dollies and carts to move your watercraft to and from a dock or body of water, even docks that are far away from your home. Our Missouri specialized movers can attach your watercraft to a trailer or place it inside an enclosed truck to protect it during your journey. 

ATVs and Golf Carts

ATVs and golf carts require experienced St. Louis unique movers who can handle, transport, and package your vehicles without damaging them. We can haul your ATV or golf cart into our truck and then drive it to a garage, golf course, or another facility for long-term storage. We can store your ATV or golf cart in our five spacious and climate-controlled warehouses if you don’t have space in your home or golf course.

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