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Moving a Piano in St. Louis With Federal Companies

Pianos are one of the most popular and favorite instruments worldwide, and many people have one in their homes. Whether you own a Grand, Baby Grand, Upright (or Spinet), or Digital, your piano is probably the centerpiece of whichever room it’s in. Besides being sensitive instruments, pianos are often passed down from one generation to the next and have a lot of sentimental value. Today, approximately 30,000 pianos are produced and sold in the U.S. alone every year!

Pianos aren’t cheap. An upright piano costs between $3000 – $6500 on average, and high-end upright pianos can cost from $10,000 – $25,000. Even an entry-level grand piano can cost between $7000 and $200,000. That’s why moving a piano takes great care, and the job shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. You might wonder which St. Louis piano movers you can trust to relocate your precious piano. Federal Companies services St. Louis, all of St. Louis County, and the St. Louis Metropolitan area and has the expertise and the experience to safely and securely move your valuable instrument for you.

Why Hire a Professional St. Louis Piano Mover – Top Reasons

Why should you rely on our St. Louis piano moving company? The instruments are large, heavy, expensive, and yet delicate and easily broken if not handled correctly. If you drop a heavy couch or a washing machine, they will probably survive. But even if they don’t, the cost to replace furniture or a large appliance is very small compared to a piano. The last thing you want is to break something so valuable because you didn’t have the manpower or the right equipment to move it properly.

Another thing to consider when attempting to relocate a piano yourself is that it can be dangerous not only to the piano but also to you. A standard piano weighs an average of 750 pounds, and some can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds! Recruiting a couple of friends to help you move something so heavy and delicate can spell disaster for the instrument, for you, or for your friends.

You can take the risk and move your piano yourself in an attempt to save a few dollars, or you can save your back and the piano by hiring the best piano movers in St. Louis. You’ll save the piano, your medical bills, pain, and aches, and have the peace of mind that qualified professionals are doing the job for you and doing it right.

Why you should hire a piano mover:

St. Louis Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Piano movers come to your home equipped with the tools they need to properly and safely move your piano. These aren’t everyday pieces of equipment you can find at your local Home Depot. An example is that they have special piano dollies designed to move your type of piano, from upright piano dollies to grand piano dollies. These come with locking wheels and straps to ensure your piano doesn’t slide off or roll down the street.

Tools and equipment:
St. Louis piano movers not only have the right equipment, but they also train their crews how to properly use the equipment. Our entire moving team is trained with the latest skills and industry-leading techniques to ensure that your piano will arrive at your new home in the same condition it was when we started. Our staff has the special skills and experience needed to safely move your piano. In cases where you have a large grand piano that we have to disassemble and put back together at your new residence, we have the knowledge and experience to do that. We’ve successfully relocated many pianos, and we treat each one as if it were ours.

St. Louis Piano Moving Cost

You’re probably wondering at this point how much a St. Louis piano mover will cost you and if you can afford it. The good news is that expert piano moving services are far less expensive than most people think. This is especially true when you consider the potential costs of a DIY move which may include the cost of repairs, injuries, doctor’s bills, etc. 

You also have to consider the value of peace of mind. When you invest in a St. Louis piano moving service, you can have that peace of mind, knowing that your piano will be delivered to your new home safely. When you think about it, the cost of hiring a St. Louis piano mover is much better than risking damaging your priceless instrument and paying thousands in repairs. 

The cost of hiring a professional St. Louis piano moving company will depend on several factors. The size and type of piano, how far you’re moving it, how many movers will be needed, and what is involved in moving it from your home to the truck and from the truck to where you want it in your new home all contribute to the cost. If the piano is on a second floor (or higher), or will be on a second floor at your new home, that will factor into the cost because of the time, labor, and care needed to move the piano up and down stairs or to hoist it. 

When you call or fill out our online form for an estimate, we will assess all the factors involved in the move and give you a quote for the service you deserve and only for the actual work we will perform. 

How to Choose the Best St. Louis Piano Mover

You only want the best piano movers in St. Louis when it comes to your precious instrument. Here are some things to consider when looking for a St. Louis piano mover:

Every St. Louis piano mover should have the following:

Federal Companies has an excellent 4.75 stars based on 140 reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We have a very low claims rate, only one in the last 12 months. We are fully licensed and insured. We have been in business since 1913 and have over 110 years of experience! Our 200+ employees in 5 locations, including St. Louis, have served over 200,000 customers. Our first-class trucks, exceptional customer service, and experience in handling delicate valuables like your piano make us the choice for your piano move in St. Louis.

When it comes time to move your precious, valuable piano in St. Louis, don’t trust the move to just anyone. Let our experienced, skilled team at Federal Companies take care of it for you. We also recommend that you have your piano professionally tuned after the move as unavoidable shifts during transportation can cause it to go out of tune. Call us today at 800-747-4100 or fill out our online form for a free quote!