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As a full-service moving company with 105 years of industry experience, you will not find a more qualified packer or mover anywhere in Central Illinois, Greater Chicago, or St. Louis, MO. We take immense pride in delivering unique solutions to our customers and without charging a fortune in exchange.

One thing that makes Federal Companies stand out from the competition is that our packers and movers are actual company employees, not seasonal or temporary workers. Because of that, we provide them with extensive training to ensure they handle the needs of every customer with precision. Also, our employees take pride in what they do, always striving to exceed expectations. The entire crew is friendly, professional, and accommodating.

Unfortunately, not all moving companies have packers and movers with the same caliber of skills as those with Federal Companies. By using their experience and expertise, and following strict company guidelines, they excel. Whether helping you pack up and move from a small one-bedroom apartment, a five-bedroom home, a one-person office, or company premises housing 100 employees, our team possesses the right qualifications.

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The Most Reliable Packers and Movers in Peoria, IL & Chicago, IL

Instead of just tossing things in boxes and hoping they make to their destination undamaged, our packers and movers take a strategic approach for optimum protection. They also use only the highest-quality boxes and packing materials available. Even the equipment they use to load your items onto the moving truck and how they position them inside make a significant difference in your overall experience.

Especially when dealing with expensive artwork, solid wood or leather furniture, breakables, collections, electronics, musical instruments, and other hard-to-replace items, our packers and movers take extreme care. Not only do they treat you with the utmost respect but also your possessions.

At Federal Companies, our number one goal is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. We accomplish that with transparency, customized services, and affordable prices. With us, you never have to settle.

Trusting One of the Top Moving Companies in Peoria

For the best moving experience of your life, contact us at Federal Companies. We promise not to disappoint. Our professional packers and movers will get you moved into your new home quickly and carefully. Call us today or fill out our form for a free moving quote today!

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