Vital Record Services in East Peoria, IL & Chicago, IL

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Vital Record Services in East Peoria, IL & Chicago, IL Virtual Cloud Solutions provides customers with an array of services that let them stay focused on their core business while never having to worry about their data. Whether they need their data on-demand, 24/7 or after a natural disaster, our customers know their data is safe and will be available when they need it.

Vital Record Services In East Peoria With Federal Companies

  • Document Imaging Services
  • Remote Systems Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
Our remote backup solutions provide you with the best of both worlds. With our system, you can backup and archive your data to our remote servers nightly, with no intervention. As a result, you can have:
  • Data backed up nightly
  • No daily observation required
  • No capital investment of equipment
  • No problem restoring the data when needed
How it works:
  1. An engineer installs the remote backup software on the system where your data is stored, whether file server or PC.
  2. The software is configured to copy the data you request. Options include the number of days we retain that data.
  3. While on-site, we run the initial backup of your data, capturing a complete copy of your data.
  4. After we copy your initial backup to our remote backup server, we configure the system to receive daily changes.
  5. Each day we receive the logs and verify the backup ran correctly.
Federal Companies’ goal is “To Be Customer Valuable” for vital record services. At Virtual Cloud Solutions, we are your one-stop provider of full-service vital records backup solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you a remote backup solution within our state-of-the-art facilities.

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