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Chicago Packing Services


No matter what type of relocation you have planned, it’s inevitable to turn stressful, unorganized, and expensive – if you do it alone, that is! Our company has trained professionals, so there’s no need to spend your valuable time and money attempting to move your entire life alone. Transitioning to a new city or state is an exciting time; don’t let the stressor of a do-it-yourself relocation get in the way of the fun things! We’re talking about picking paint colors, signing your kids up for school, or checking out the nearby eateries and attractions. 

Professional movers and packers are there to handle the tedious task of packing your beloved belongings. We come equipped with the best tools and materials to ensure even the most valuable pieces arrive on time and in perfect condition. Before taking on this relocation alone, consider Chicago professional packing and moving services. 

Federal Companies has served all of Chicago, Cook County, the Chicago Metropolitan area (Chicagoland), and the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metro area for over 110 years. We have the experience and expertise to properly pack your possessions!

Why Hire Federal Companies for Chicago Packing Services

People hire moving companies for numerous reasons, but mainly because they:
Regardless of the services you need, full-service packing, Chicago partial packing, or Chicago house packing service, Federal Companies can provide professional packing and moving services.

Chicago Packing & Moving Services

Packing your entire life up is no easy feat; this is why hiring Chicago packing companies is so beneficial. You may not know what to expect if you’ve never outsourced during a relocation. We’re clarifying what Chicago packers and movers actually do and the moving services they provide. 

Let’s discuss the type of packing services and which best fits your needs.

Full packing

Chicago full service packing and moving services are when the team packs every single belonging you own and transports it to your new address. Chicago full service packing is best for individuals that don’t have any extra time on their hands and are ready for professional packers to step in.

Partial packing

Say you need some extra muscle for only some of your items. Maybe they’re more valuable, and you don’t trust your do-it-yourself packing skills. Partial packing is a useful tool in areas like your kitchen or closet, as these rooms have many tiny items that require attention to detail and special supplies.


Anything we pack, we’ll unpack and even place in your desired area of the house. We can do full service packing or partial unpacking.

Specialty items

Chicago packing and moving services provide professional packing services for specialty items, like those extra fragile items you can’t trust just anyone with! Chicago movers and packers have the materials and equipment to properly prep your special belongings. Whether it be glass items or china, full length mirrors, expensive paintings, lamps, special knick-knacks, or antiques, we have you covered.
Knowing exactly what service fits the unique needs of your relocation is key! If you’ve never moved before, and aren’t sure what exactly about next steps, you can always call your chosen team. They will happily walk you through the process and tell you which services will work best for you.

Chicago Movers & Packers Cost

The best way to determine the cost of your relocation is by researching Chicago packing companies for moving. You can try searching something along the lines of “Chicago professional packers near me” or “Chicago movers and packers near me.” Of course, the only way to get an accurate estimate is by requesting a quote from a company. Chicago packing companies will examine multiple factors before creating a reliable estimate. 

Expect your chosen company to look at these variables during their estimate:
Regardless of these factors, if you choose reliable Chicago packers and movers, you’ll receive a fair and affordable estimate. Our team members are experienced and ready to rock! Even the toughest relocations will be done properly and without breaking the bank. You may ask yourself if paying someone to pack your items is even worth it. Ask anyone that’s done the do-it-yourself packing alongside someone that always finds a reliable team. You’ll likely hear the latter experience is much more relaxed, stress-free, affordable, and enjoyable. 

We’re an award-winning moving and packing company with over 110 years of experience. We service all of Chicago, Cook County, the Chicago Metropolitan area (Chicagoland), and the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metro area. We can handle all your needs, whether it be residential packing services for your local or long distance move, including senior or apartment relocations, or packing services for a small or large scale office move. If you’ve decided that utilizing Chicago packing services is the best decision for your upcoming relocation, call Federal Companies at 800-747-4100.