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Chicago International Moving Company

While moving internationally can be a complicated process, it is a very exciting new chapter in your life. However, if you lack the proper help, this experience can easily turn into a nightmare. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a reliable Chicago international moving company like Federal Companies. We’ll handle all the challenging details of the relocation so you can have peace of mind. 

As the top Chicago international movers, we provide quality services for all of Chicago, all of Cook County, the entire Chicago Metropolitan area (Chicagoland), and the entire Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metro area.

What Is a Chicago International Move?

As opposed to a regular relocation, there are several additional factors that go into making an international move successful. Our professional company has been an agent of Allied since 1913 and strives to provide the best international moving services in Chicago that are tailored to your individual needs. Below are some common terms you can expect to hear when you work with our movers:
There are several reasons why you might want to move overseas. Perhaps you desire a new culture, are looking to buy a house, or want to be closer to a family that lives abroad. Whatever your motive may be, working with our expert Chicago international movers will allow you to relax and focus your time on other important details.

How to Move Overseas With Federal Companies

As a full-service Chicago international shipping company, Federal Companies takes care of all the intricate logistics of your overseas transfer, saving you time and money. It will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks for your belongings to arrive at the new destination when moving internationally. 

You can expect the following services when you work with the best Chicago international moving companies:
You can reach out to our customer service team for more information regarding our reliable Chicago international moving services.

How Much Does a Chicago International Move Cost?

Federal Companies is an agent of Allied and will safely service your move to international destinations. How much does the entire process cost?  Well, there are several varying factors that go into the final price tag you receive on your international relocation– and that’s not to mention the visas, flight prices, and other aspects of the move. 

Moving internationally can be done via air, truck, and ocean. While shipping by air can take less time, shipping your belongings overseas is the most economical and affordable option. 

Here are the three main sizes of shipping containers:
Whether or not you need a full or partial shipping crate is a major influence on the final cost you receive. 

Full Container Load (FCL): Don’t want to share? The space in this shipping container is entirely for belongings and no one else’s. After shipment, customs are less likely to detain these types of crates.

Less than Container Load (LCL): While this option involves sharing space with other people, it is the most affordable option. This is ideal if you want to share money and don’t have so many items to transport.
We’ll need to answer all of our moving-related questions so we can come up with an accurate international moving quote. In addition to the shipping container size, there are many other variables that influence your international moving cost, such as: 
Our highly-trained and professional Chicago international movers will ensure your big journey is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Contact our customer service team to receive an accurate estimate. You can choose between a virtual or in-home assessment.

International Moving Tips From Chicago

There’s a lot to consider before taking on a Chicago international move. To make the process easier for us, below is a brief international moving checklist for you to keep in mind.
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Agencies and Resources for International Moving

Choosing the Best Chicago International Moving Company

A hefty amount of research and question-asking is crucial to narrowing down the best Chicago international moving companies. Here are a few questions to ask prior to choosing a company:

With over 110 years of professional moving experience, Federal Companies serves in five U.S. locations and has served over 200,000 loyal customers. As an award-winning Chicago overseas moving company, our expert crew maintains remarkable reviews on Google. Our 200+ Chicago international movers are rigorously trained, background checked, and more than ready to make your move a breeze.

Is moving to a new country on your list of things to do? Federal Companies is the #1 Chicago Illinois overseas moving company in the region and is here to handle all of the complicated details of your international move. We service all of Chicago, all of Cook County, the entire Chicago Metropolitan area (Chicagoland), and the entire Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metro area. For a free estimate and to learn more about our Chicago international moving services, reach out to us at 800-747-4100!