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Central Illinois Full-Service Storage


Moving to Central Illinois is always the right move! But it can be tricky to keep track of all of your valuables. The key to avoiding headaches is to order Central Illinois moving and storage services simultaneously. We can help you move as many items as you want and then store your excess belongings in a secure location. Here’s your guide on full service storage services.

Central Illinois Full-Service Storage Options

When people think of storage, they often think about self-storage containers. In reality, you have a lot of options for Central Illinois storage, and many of them are cheaper and more secure than self-storage or portable containers. Your options include:

The best options for Central Illinois moving and storage all involve a warehouse. Climate control can keep your items from getting water-damaged, hot, or cold. Your belongings will be monitored 24/7 around the clock, allowing peace of mind.

If you want to add or take items out of Central Illinois storage, you can do so. Contact your dedicated moving coordinator and let them know what you want to do. You may need to wait a few hours for your coordinator to locate your vault or pallet and open it for you, but you can schedule a time that is the most convenient for you.

Unlike other Central Illinois moving and storage companies, we at Federal Companies serve all parts of Central Illinois, including all of Champaign, DeWitt, Ford, Grundy, Iroquois, LaSalle, Livingston, McLean, and Shelby counties.

Central Illinois’s Top Moving & Storage Company Details

Don’t rush the process of finding a full service storage Central Illinois company. Your first step is to check the company’s Google reviews. Look at their average star rating and then read comments from real customers about the company’s storage options, customer service, and professionalism. Federal Companies has more than 130 Google reviews with a star rating of 4.7.

Your second step is to see how much experience the storage and moving company has. Look at how long they have been in business and how many moves they have made. Federal Companies’ team of employees has more than 110 years of experience in the moving industry, and we’ve helped more than 200,000 customers in Illinois. 

The third step is to determine the cost of Central Illinois moving and storage services. This depends on the number of vaults or pallets you want, the items you are storing, and the timeframe of storage. Talk to a company representative and get a free quote from them about your storage needs. 

While you are talking with the full service storage Central Illinois representative, you should ask them questions about their warehouse. The warehouse must offer 24/7 security with video monitoring, and it must have climate-controlled features. Your items should be protected with shrink wrap and pad wrap, and you should receive an itemized inventory so you have records of all of your items. Federal Companies has several climate-controlled, secure warehouses that cover more than 200,000 square feet of space. Our warehouses are located in St. Louis, East Peoria, Lindenhurst, Normal, and Champaign, and you can pick any location that is convenient for you.

Reasons Why People Store at Central Illinois’s Best Full Service Storage Company

Thousands of people store their items with Central Illinois moving and storage companies, and for good reason. Some people just have too many things, but selling or giving them away can be a pain. Putting your excess supplies in climate-controlled vaults keeps them safe and gives you time to decide what to do with them

Other people are moving into a temporary home for work or military deployment. Moving all of your items into a home you will be living in for a few months can be exhausting. Ordering short-term storage for less than three months can help you relax.

You can also order short-term storage when you are staging your home before you sell it. Removing your personal belongings can make it easier for potential homebuyers to see themselves in your home, encouraging them to buy it. 

You can store anything with Central Illinois moving and storage professionals. Companies offer piano storage, furniture storage, and storage of many small items like cards and photos. 

Movers and storage professionals are versatile. If you don’t know how to pack belongings for storage, our team of packers can lend you a hand. They can help you put items in clear boxes so you can see what’s inside. They can assist with cleaning your belongings so they don’t produce a scent or attract pests. 

Business storage from professional movers and storage employees is also available. If you’re moving between offices and need to offload your belongings while you set your new location up, you can order short-term storage. We can store furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) as well as paper files and electronics. 

Wherever you are in the moving process, and wherever you are moving in the Central Illinois area, services from a storage and moving company can be a real help. Federal Companies’ team of 200 employees is ready to lend you a hand. Call us today at 800-747-4100 for your free quote.