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Reliable Senior Relocation Services with Federal Companies

Traditionally, the term “senior” refers to someone 65 or older, but adults 55 and up may be considered seniors with a growing number of active adult or 55+ communities offering an exciting lifestyle. It isn’t just the definition of “senior” that’s changing: older adults are more active than ever and able to live independent, fulfilling lives well past retirement. They’re also moving as much as their younger counterparts in pursuit of a better quality of life, new employment opportunities, and to stay close to family and friends.

Experienced movers deliver compassionate, dependable moving services for older adults and their families. Full service senior moving companies in Central Illinois make transitioning to a new home in retirement as easy and stress free as possible. Federal Companies has over 110 years of experience serving older adults in Central Illinois with the expertise and tailored service you need for a stress free move.

Why Seniors & Families Hire a Professional Moving Company in Central IL

Older adults relocate for many of the same reasons as younger adults, including employment. However, senior moves are often a unique situation that’s prompted by major life changes.

According to a recent Census Bureau report, over three million seniors move every year, and adults 85 and older are the most mobile. The American Community Survey found the biggest factors influencing moves among older Americans are:

  • Warmer climate
  • Different or improved amenities
  • Closer to family
  • Disabilities and health concerns

Most seniors move locally, but long distance moving is more common among older adults than their younger counterparts, with 20% of seniors relocating to another state. Interstate moves are often related to retirement as older adults have the freedom to move closer to family or enjoy a warmer climate.

Changes in health are a major reason for older adults to relocate to a new location. Adults with a disability are more likely to stay within the same county, usually when their current home prevents them from aging in place and enjoying an independent lifestyle. Changes in medical needs may also require a move into assisted living or a skilled nursing facility.

Along with aging in place, there are other reasons older adults decide to transition to a new home. Downsizing can help seniors reduce their living expenses in retirement and necessary home upkeep and maintenance. Many are ready for a more carefree lifestyle with the amenities and maintenance-free living that comes from moving into a senior apartment, condo, or retirement community.

Seniors and their family members can rely on professional moving companies to make the relocation process easier. Licensed movers can assist with packing, loading, and more. Older adults may choose to hire experts if they are unable to perform the physically demanding tasks of a move or need help with certain aspects. Families may also hire trusted movers to help an aging loved one relocate if they are unable to assist themselves.

Challenges & Unique Needs of Senior Moving Services in Central Illinois

Moving day is always stressful, but it comes with additional challenges and concerns for older adults.

Even older adults who are relocating by choice may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of leaving their homes and adjusting to a new setting. The physical challenges of packing and moving, the stress of trying to downsize belongings accumulated over a lifetime, and the exhausting work of sorting and organizing can take its toll. These challenges compound when an older adult needs to move from a home they love for medical or financial reasons. They may also be struggling to understand that they can no longer live independently in their home.

A trusted mover can provide the personalized solutions necessary to accommodate your unique situation. At Federal Companies, our full service senior movers go the extra mile to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. We provide personalized relocation services and assist with everything from packing, loading, and unloading to transportation and storage. We can also help set up the new home with unpacking and furniture arrangement.

If you or your loved one is struggling with the challenges of the move, you may find it helpful to work with a senior move manager. A specialist certified by the National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) can assist planning, organizing, and downsizing, and coordinate with the moving company. Senior move managers often work with older adults who do not have family nearby or help families and seniors together make a difficult transition easier.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Central Illinois Senior Movers

Customized senior moving services in Central IL offer the assistance you need to make your transition worry-free. Our professional team is trained to provide compassionate help in many ways:

  • Dedicated move coordinator to assist with planning, oversee the move, and reduce stress
  • A team handles all the heavy lifting with the right equipment
  • Well-maintained truck is used to transport your items
  • Loading and unloading handled by a skilled team
  • Professional packing with the right materials and expertise to keep all items safe
  • Storage solutions make downsizing easier
  • Coordinated moving day with a team of experts who ensure everything goes according to plan

Federal Companies is standing by to deliver the reliable service you need to transition to your new place.

How to Choose the Best Central Illinois Senior Moving Company

Not all moving companies are equal. Before entrusting a mover with your cherished items, do your research into their history and experience. Here is what to look for in a moving company you can trust.

  • Licensed and insured. The company should have a Household Goods License from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for intrastate moves within Illinois. For interstate moves, they should have a valid USDOT number. Verify they have proper insurance.
  • Good reputation. Check online reviews from past customers and verify the mover does not have concerning or serious complaints filed with the FMCSA, BBB, or ICC.
  • Years of experience. Look for a moving company with relevant industry experience, particularly involving senior relocation.
  • Background checked and trained movers. A reliable company hires experienced movers who are background checked and fully trained for your protection.
  • Fair, transparent pricing. An Illinois moving company is required to publish services and rates or tariffs with are published with the III.C.C. Make sure they provide a written estimate. Beware of companies that only accept cash, require a large upfront deposit, or refuse to provide a written estimate.

Federal Companies has proudly served seniors and their families in Central IL for more than 110 years. We have been an Allied Van Lines agent since 1913 and have five locations in Illinois and Missouri and storage warehouses in East Peoria, Champaign, Lindenhurst, and Normal IL. Our movers have earned hundreds of 5-star reviews based on more than 200,000 successful moves! Count on our dedicated team of 200+ employees who will work hard to simplify your relocation.

How Much Do Senior Movers Cost in Central Illinois?

Full service movers can give you the assistance you need with tailored services that help you stay on budget. The cost of senior movers depends on a range of factors including:

  • Distance
  • Home size and type
  • Volume of household goods
  • Type of items
  • Number of movers necessary
  • Level of service
  • Packing service and materials
  • Storage needs

Every job is unique and requires a free assessment to give you the most accurate estimate. Get started today by calling our dedicated team for a free quote!

No matter where life is taking you next, whether you’re staying local in town or moving to a new state, count on Federal Companies to exceed your expectations and make your relocation as easy as possible. Give our team a call at 800-747-4100 today to schedule a free quote.