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Moving a Piano in Central Illinois With Federal Companies

Pianos are some of the most complex and beautiful instruments ever invented. Invented in 1700, they are not as common in American households as they once were, but nonetheless indicate class, affluence, and a cultured outlook to many. Thirty thousand per year are still produced in the United States. 

As is to be expected of an instrument with such a long history, pianos come in many different forms. For the most part, expert Central Illinois piano movers, like the team at Federal Companies, usually only deal with four types. Grand pianos are the largest, and are likely what first comes to mind when anyone thinks of a piano. Baby grand pianos are grand pianos, with the full 88 key set, but reduced in size for ease of storage and better space utilization. Upright pianos, named not because they stand upright but because of a different hammer mechanism, are generally more common than grand pianos – due to them being significantly more affordable. Electronic pianos, otherwise known as keyboards, are very popular in American households, due to their affordability and ease of transport and use.

Regardless of which type of piano you own, one thing holds true: piano moving is not for amateurs. Handled by the untrained, a relocation of a piano can quickly turn disastrous. A specially-trained team of piano moving experts is required to make sure your precious instrument is not damaged – and Federal Companies is more than able to provide!

Federal Companies is proud to provide piano moving services to Central Illinois, all of Champaign, DeWitt, Ford, Grundy, Iroquois, LaSalle, Livingston, McLean, and Shelby counties, and the Central Illinois area.

Hiring Professional Central Illinois Piano Movers - Top Reasons

Considering the sanctity and fragility of pianos, it is unwise to attempt to relocate one by oneself. Relocations of this kind are much better handled by trained professionals.

Stress relief and peace of mind rank among the top reasons to consider hiring an expert Central Illinois piano mover. Time saving is another – a team will make things much quicker than one could possibly do alone. Additionally, the well-trained crew at Federal Companies will take every measure to make sure your possessions, most importantly your precious piano, are properly wrapped, and that the location is covered in padding to minimize the chances of damage to either your item(s) or the property. Alongside the deployment and delivery of quality materials for packing and wrapping, a proper Central Illinois piano moving company also deploys their experience and expertise. With over a hundred and ten years in the business, Federal Companies has experience in spades!

When it comes to pianos, there are even more considerations that must be taken into account than with other, more typical moves. Not only are pianos incredibly fragile, but being showpieces of the property, any scratch or blemish can ruin a home’s decor. Even the vibrations of the average drive can damage these instruments, if they are not secured properly. The weight and unwieldiness of pianos also make them near impossible to relocate without a coordinated group effort.

Cutting costs and not paying for the proper team may inevitably lead to damage to a precious heirloom. Federal Companies’ Central Illinois piano moving team will make that stressful and tough piano relocation a smooth process, start to finish.

Central Illinois Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

When handling a piano, strong legs and a tight grip won’t cut it if it is to arrive at its destination in one piece. Federal Companies deploys a variety of specialized equipment, purpose-built to make transporting pianos as simple as possible.

Much of the equipment selection comes down to piano type. For instance, specific piano dollies work well for either the grand, baby grand, or upright pianos, whereas electronic pianos do not typically require them. Four-wheeled, carpeted furniture dollies can also transport pianos with ease, and the carpet ensures the piano remains unscratched. Additional equipment typically deployed by Federal Companies’ piano movers includes moving blankets, shrinkwrap, tie-down straps, and things like lift ramps and proper securing points to expedite the process of loading and minimize the chances of damage.

The staff of Federal Companies take pride in the extensive training of our friendly movers. That a Central Illinois piano relocation cannot be handled by simply anyone should be self-evident – that is why the team at Federal Companies is trained extensively to handle specialized situations just like yours.

Central Illinois Piano Moving Cost

Piano moves are no different from any other, in that cost varies and the factors that influence the cost are diverse and numerous. If you intend to sign on a professional Central Illinois piano moving service, the factors that can influence your final bill include number of men required to complete the move, what type of piano is being moved and what size it is, how far the instrument is being moved, what access to the new location is like, how much special preparation will be required, and so on.

The best, and only, method of determining what you’ll be paying beforehand is by contacting your company of choice by phone, or filling out their online quote form for a free quote. Federal Companies’ prices are always affordable!


If you’re stressed out about moving your fragile instrument from one place to another, stress no longer. Federal Companies’ crews have the training and expertise necessary to make sure your piano reaches its destination and is handled with care! Give us a call at 800-747-4100 or fill out our online form for a free quote, at no cost to you!

Choosing the Best Central Illinois Piano Mover

With few exceptions, Central Illinois piano moves are among the most sensitive kinds of relocation, and must be handled with the utmost care and precision. If an untrained or amateur team of movers gets their hands on your instrument, it could mean damage or outright destruction of your valuable showpiece.

To ensure you get a full-service piano moving company that’s right for you, you should first check the Google and Yelp reviews of the prospective company you intend to hire. Ensure that their customer service is good, and that their licensing and insurance is up to date. Also be sure to see how many years they’ve spent in the business, and what their claims rate is.

If you’ve done your homework for Central Illinois, you’ve no doubt come to the conclusion that, when it comes to sensitive tasks like the relocation of a piano, Federal Companies has no equal. Serving the area since 1913 – more than a century ago! – every year of that valuable experience is paramount to ensuring that any sort of relocation you have for us goes without a hitch. Our Google reviews speak to our excellent customer service and professionalism.

Federal Companies’ service range includes not only Central Illinois, but also all of Champaign, DeWitt, Ford, Grundy, Iroquois, LaSalle, Livingston, McLean, and Shelby counties, and the Central Illinois area.