Where To Get Your Moving Boxes and Supplies

When getting your moving supplies it’s important to know where you are getting them from and the quality you are getting.  You can think of moving boxes as part of the well oiled machine; if a part is not very good it will cause some problems.  Dirty boxes can cause you belongings to get dirty temporarily or even permanently, either way it creates a bigger hassle for you.  If the boxes or warn or used they can be weakened causing the box to fail during the move.  The last thing you want is for a box full of fragile items to fall through the bottom of the warn box and come crashing down to the ground.  A couple sources you want to avoid when getting your moving boxes are dumpsters, boxes left outside, and boxes that were used to move food or toxic items.  Your best bet for quality moving boxes is from a moving company.  This source will give you the highest quality boxes and at a great price.  You can get boxes from other sources just be sure to check them out carefully, and we don’t recommend using them for expensive or fragile items.


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