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Dear Mr. Cirone,

I just wanted to send an email to express my deep gratitude to everyone at Federal who was involved in our move to Canada.  Pam Lewellyn was kind enough to give me your email after I asked who I could thank for our positive move experience!

My husband works for Caterpillar & is used to being moved all over the states.  So, he thought I would be able to handle the stress of moving on my own while he went up to Canada to work while I stayed in the states to handle the move.  For me, however, I’ve only made one big move in my life and that was from Goodfield to Washington when we got married.  So, I knew I’d be stressed out moving to another country!

Our experience with Federal started when we received calls from Pam Lewellyn to set everything up from the estimate, packing, loading, shipping, and even to unloading.  Pam was such a wonderful person to speak to on the phone!  She was constantly checking in on me to make sure that everything was going smoothly.  Her friendly tone over the phone helped to put me at ease as I had to call her for all kinds of help.  Each time I called she was able to get me exactly what I needed and seemed happy to help!  Even when my husbands Canadian phone was shut off and I couldn’t communicate with him, Pam was able to keep me up to date on what was happening when our shipment arrived in Canada during the Blizzard.  She knew more about what my husband and the crew were going through than I did.  If that’s not going the extra mile, I don’t know what it is!  She has been wonderful every step of the way!  As a Caterpillar wife she was such a comfort to have when trying to do it “all alone”.

However, Federal made sure that I definitely didn’t have to do it “all alone”.  Even the packers acted not as workers, but helpers, friends, & counselors.  The day after the Super Bowl I was expecting tired men to show up late at my house ready to box up all of my junk.  That’s not at all what happened.  When I opened the door their stood three friendly women prompt and ready to carefully wrap each and every item in my home!  Dorothy, Candy, & Janis were amazing packers!  Each took a floor of my house and worked so quickly & yet with care!  Before leaving, my husband told me to just stay out of their way & let them do their job because they’re the professionals and I would probably break something!  He was right!  They are pros!  I kept saying that I couldn’t believe how fast everything kept going!  It was fun for me to be able to get to know each of the ladies over the course of two days!  They each have such positive attitudes and kept me calm the whole time!  When Pam called to check in, I told her that we were having fun!  I shouldn’t have spoken for Dorothy, Candy, & Janis and assume that they were having fun, but I was really enjoying our time together like I do with my friends!  That’s another thing that Federal is doing right!  You keep your customers happy!  At the end of the day Dorothy was able to see “That Look” on my face.  She said she’s never had to feel it, but see’s when it happens to the people she moves.  “That Look” was the feeling of seeing your entire home empty and packed into boxes.  Dorothy acted as a counselor to me when she saw that I was getting a little emotional about everything.  It was so nice to have her let me know that it’s natural to feel what I was feeling.  Candy even helped me feel better when she could tell that I was a little nervous.  She kept telling me that I was just missing my husband and that once we get together, I will be fine!  These ladies don’t just show up to do a “job”, they come to work while being a “joy” to the people they serve!

I was constantly impressed by how well run Federal is!  Even the men who came to crate our T.V. & glass ran quite the operation!  I just thought they’d be throwing things into pre made boxes, but NO, they made crates to fit each item just right!  It was so neat how they set everything up & walked me through things!  Before I knew it they were done & when unpacked everything was in great condition!

Another person I’d like to thank is our driver, Troy!  In a last minute decision to ship our car up rather than drive, Troy made everything work out!  I was under a lot of stress on whether or not drive up with the help of my parents.  After receiving word that my grandpa was only expected to live for a few weeks, I knew that I couldn’t ask my parents to be away from him just to help me drive.  Troy loaded my car onto the truck & even waited until my nephews got there to watch him drive it onto the truck!  Not only did Troy give me some excellent advice that I am sure I will use in Canada, but he was so kind!  My husband said that when Troy & the unloaders came it was in the middle of the worst Blizzard that’s hit Toronto in 6 years!  He said they truck kept getting stuck in the snow as well as everyone else who lives on our street.  He said that it was so cold that each of the men was frozen to the bone!  When I asked him what he’d like me to say about his experience, he said that if it wasn’t for the positive attitudes of the unloaders, they never would have been able to make it!  Troy runs his crew with pride and truly loves his job!  As I got to know each of the people involved with our move, that’s one thing that everyone kept repeating,  “I love my job!”  If I was the president of a company, that’s exactly what I would want to hear, that my employees love their jobs!

The credit goes to you Mr. Cirone!  You have selected employees who are hard workers that care about not only their job but also the people they move.  You’ve set a standard of excellence & you must lead by example!  I will definitely be recommending Federal to everyone who wants to be professionally moved with care!

Thank You All & God Bless!

Lindsey F


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