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What’s it Like Living in Swansea IL? 🤷 | ULTIMATE Moving to Swansea Illinois Guide

Last Updated on: 12th April 2023, 05:00 pm

Are you considering moving to Swansea, IL? Here’s everything you need to know about this small village in Illinois and if it’s the right place for you. Swansea is a small village in St.Claire County, IL; it’s part of both the St. Louis metropolitan area and Metro East in southern Illinois. Swansea became a village when a Municipality reached out in an effort to annex their land; the naturally independent, blue-collar coal miners and factory workers of Swansea wanted to remain a one-man band, and the early residents formed their own community. The village was incorporated on December 20, 1886.

Swansea, IL, is known for its underground coal mines, brickyards, drill works, and foundries, and they’re the manufacturers of top-notch, highly efficient grain drills. While Swansea, Illinois, is small, its history is rich, and its located in an ideal spot between the busy city life of St. Louis and the slower, more quiet country life in this village, making Swansea a very good place to live.

Where is Swansea?

Swansea is located in St.Claire County, IL, and is bordered by O’Fallon, Belleview, Shiloh, and Fairview Heights. It’s part of the St. Louis metropolitan area and Metro East in southern Illinois and is only 16.5 miles from St. Louis, MO. Swansea has traditional Midwestern terrain; flat, green, and ideal for farming.

The St. Claire Transit Direct services the more rural area of Swansea. You can browse routes, pricing, and schedules on their website.

Swansea Population & Demographics

The population of Swansea is 14,386. From 2010 to 2020, the village experienced a slight population increase of 956 people. The median household income is $80,331, compared to the median household income of Illinois, which is $72,563. Swansea has the 7th highest median household income out of 26 St. Claire cities, villages, and towns.

Swansea Demographics:

  • Median age: 39.7
  • Gender demographics: 51% female, 49% male
  • Ethnic make-up: 68% White, 21% Black, 5% two or more, 2% Asian
  • Foreign-born population: 5.7%
  • Educational attainment: 96% have high school diplomas, 44.6% have a Bachelor’s Degree

Notable People from Swansea:

With crime rates 73.6% lower than the state, Swansea is a very safe city to live in.

According to the FBI, Swansea has an overall crime rate of 525 per 100k people, and when compared to the crime rate of the state (1,985 per 100k people), Swansea is 73.6% safer. The US crime rate is 2,346 per 100k people, making Swansea, IL, 77.6% lower than the country.

  • Swansea, IL violent crime rate: 173 per 100k people
  • Illinois violent crime rate: 426 per 100k people
  • US violent crime rate: 388 per 100k people

The violent crime in Swansea, IL, is 59.4% lower than the state and 55.4% lower than the country.

  • Swansea, IL property crime rate: 353 per 100k people
  • Illinois property crime rate: 1,559 per 100k people
  • US property crime rate: 1,958 per 100k people

Swansea, IL, has a lower property crime rate than the state by 77.4%, and the country by 82.0%.

The Swansea Police Department works hard to protect you and your family from crime, although Swansea is a lower crime area.

Cost of Living in Swansea

Swansea’s cost of living index (COLI) of 87.5 is below the US average and below the state’s 92.6. Swansea, IL, is a very affordable place to live. The housing market is one of the lowest in the country, sitting at 65.5, making Swansea real estate very affordable.

According to the Economy Policy Institute, a family of four should earn $86,990 a year to live comfortably in St. Claire County, which has a higher COLI than Swansea, so expect lower figures for Swansea.

Typical Swansea Living Expenses:

*These figures are for St. Louis, where the COLI is significantly higher than in Swansea, so expect less expensive living expenses in Swansea, Illinois.

Source: Numbeo

Unlike most cities in the US, the housing market in Swansea is a buyer’s market, as they have a lower median sale price of homes by an astonishing $62,000. The average sale price per home in Swansea is $257,000, equivalent to $121 a square foot. Homes in Swansea are beautiful and affordable; take a look at the several houses for sale in Swansea, IL.

If you’re more interested in renting, we have info on that too! According to RentCafe, the average Swansea monthly rent is $1,065 for a 938 square foot apartment.

Swansea Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Swansea

There are many safe neighborhoods in Swansea in this wonderful Illinois village.

Summit | Affordable Swansea Neighborhood

Summit is an affordable neighborhood in Swansea with a median real estate price of $172,719. While it’s still one of the more expensive neighborhoods compared to the state average, you certainly get what you pay for. Summit has many beautiful single-family homes ranging from three to four bedrooms and two to four bathrooms.

Lake Lorraine | Lake-Front Swansea Neighborhood

Lake Lorraine is a community in Swansea, IL, centered around Yoch Lake. Lake Lorraine is centrally located and positioned near many of Swansea, IL attractive attributes like Centennial Park. This Swansea subdivision has a variety of single-family homes ranging from three to five bedrooms and two to four bathrooms. These home prices vary from high $300,000s to high $500,000s, and many are new-construction homes.

Stonefield Crossing

Stonefield Crossing is another attractive Swansea neighborhood conveniently located less than 17 miles from St. Louis, MO. Stonefield Crossing is located in the north of Swansea. Stonefield has 121 homes filled with fun-loving, family-oriented neighbors. This diverse Swansea, IL, the community welcomes everyone with excitement and enthusiasm. The neighborhood is in a great school district near convenient shopping malls and highways. You can even attend community events; just keep an eye on the community calendar!

Swansea Weather & Climate

According to the Köppen classification, Swansea has comfortable, warm summers but very long, wet winters. The annual rainfall in Swansea, IL, is 42 inches, and the annual snowfall is 13 inches. The Swansea average temperature varies from 30 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. While the Swansea winters can be cold, foggy, and harsh, if you’re someone that can withstand the cold, Swansea isn’t a bad place. Not to mention the enjoyable, warm, and breezy summers Swansea has.

The best time to visit Swansea is late June and early September. 

Things to Do in Swansea IL

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Swansea, IL, here is our list of the top attractions in the village of Swansea.

Labor & Industrial Museum

Swansea has a prominent labor and industrial history, hence this museum with over 1,000 artifacts to explore; this is a great Swansea indoor activity.

123 N Church St, Belleville, IL 62220, (618) 222-9430

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is filled with luscious Illinois trees, plants, and wildlife, and it is a fun thing to do in Swansea, IL, with kids, on a picnic date, or with your pup! 

311 N Belt E, Swansea, IL 62226, (618) 234-0044

Schranz Memorial Park

Schranz Memorial is a great park with a unique, castle-style playground for your kids to enjoy. We recommend checking out this Swansea landmark during your visit.

360 Honeysuckle Ln, Swansea, IL 62226, (618) 234-0044

Additional Attractions in Swansea

Although these attractions aren’t located in Swansea village limits, they’re within 10 miles and are a great option if you want to venture out of town for the day.

These beautiful parks of Swansea maintain their picturesque appearance thanks to the Swansea Parks and Rec Department. Keep up with any special events with the village of Swansea special events calendar!

Swansea Restaurants

The village of Swansea has many tasty restaurants and eateries awaiting your indulgence; here is a list of our top restaurants in Swansea, IL. 

Cholula’s Mexican Restaurant

If you’re thirsty for a margarita and craving chips and fresh salsa galore, swing by Cholula’s, one of the best Swansea Mexican restaurants!

1500 N Illinois St, Swansea, IL 62226, (618) 416-8818

Swansea Fish Stand

Swansea Fish Stand is a local favorite with charm and spunk most restaurants try to emulate! Aside from its eclectic appearance, Swansea Fish Stand has a knock-out menu with the basics; fried local fish, fries, and a cold pop.

216 Service St, Swansea, IL 62226, (618) 222-7171

Hokkaido Seafood Buffet and Grill

Although Hokkaido Seafood Buffet and Grill has over 2,000 reviews, it still maintains a nearly 5-star restaurant. It’s safe to say Hokkaido is one of Swansea’s favorite (and most popular) restaurants.

4580 N Illinois St, Swansea, IL 62226, (618) 416-2077

Jobs in Swansea

Swansea, IL, has seen a job market increase of 2.1% since 2021 and is predicted to see a 30.01% increase over the next ten years. The average hourly wage in Swansea is $16.94, equivalent to $69,000 annually, and the main industries are education, healthcare, and manufacturing. Swansea is a small village, so many residents commute to work within the metro area.

The largest employers in the entire St. Louis metro area:

We know how challenging job hunting can be, especially during the hectic time of transiting homes. Visit these links to Swansea jobs and Village of Swansea jobs.

Swansea Schools

Swansea, IL, is a part of the Wolf Branch School District. Wolf Branch Elementary School and Wolf Branch Middle School are good Swansea schools for your children to grow and prosper. At Wolf Branch Middle School, 47% of the students scored above average in math proficiency and 52% above reading and writing, according to US News.

There are also a few nearby colleges: SWIC Southwestern Illinois College and Saint Louis University College Of Arts And Sciences.

The nearest library to Swansea, IL, is the Belleville Public Library, a great place to catch up on studying, read to your kids, or simply enjoy a personal read!

Swansea Statistics & Information

  • County: St. Claire County
  • Area: 6.62 square miles
  • Swansea zip code: 62223, 62226
  • Swansea area code: 618
  • Swansea elevation: 561′
  • Swansea time zone: Central Standard Time (CST)
  • The closest airport to Swansea: MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (BLV) is 13.9 miles from Swansea, IL

Map of Swansea

If you’re considering moving to the village of Swansea, IL, you’ll need reliable Swansea Movers to help get you there, and Federal Companies can be your team! Call 800-747-4100 today for a free estimate.


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