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Living in Oakville MO [2024] | 🏆 Moving to Oakville MO Tips

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2023, 01:57 pm

Oakville (not to be confused with the Canadian city of the same name!) is a census-designated place in St. Louis County, and is a suburban community of St. Louis, as you might have guessed. Oakville is known as a wonderful and safe suburb, with a quick commute to St. Louis itself, as well as many beautiful parks and wonderful attractions. Settled since the 18th century, the area was sparsely populated for most of its history. However, the growth of St. Louis directly correlated with the growth of Oakville and other suburbs, leading to their large populations today. While perhaps not the most hip or bustling community in the area, the safety, affluence, and friendly culture of this area inspire many to start moving to Oakville.


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Where is Oakville, MO?

Oakville is in St. Louis County, at the southern nexus where the Mississippi and Meramec rivers meet, and in the St. Louis, MO-IL Metropolitan Area. Oakville borders Concord to the north and Arnold to the south, with the aforementioned rivers forming the eastern and western borders. The distance from Oakville, MO to St. Louis, MO is 14 miles.

Oakville, MO Population & Demographics

The population of Oakville is 36,301 distributed over 18 miles at a population density of about 2,200 people per square mile. The median age here is 47.6, and 4% of residents are foreign born, half of which come from Europe. 40% of Oakville’s population has a bachelor’s degree or higher certification. Oakville’s population has only grown by a miniscule amount since 2010.

The demographics of Oakville’s population are pretty homogenous, with Whites making up 94% of the municipality’s population. Tied for the second largest demographic are Asians and Hispanics, both at around 2% of the population. Oakville’s male/female gender ratio is slightly skewed towards women, at 51%.

Notable people from Oakville include professional hockey player Pat Maroon.

Is Oakville, MO safe? Don’t stress out about crime in this community, because Oakville is a very safe place to live (according to Areavibes). Oakville’s overall crime rate is 20% lower than national average, and is lower than the Missouri average as well, with 1,877 crimes annually per 100,000 people. Property and violent crime rates are similarly lower than the national average in Oakville. The census-designated place of Oakville is served by the South County Precinct of the St. Louis County Police Department, which serves most of the southern portion of St. Louis County.

Cost of Living in Oakville, MO

Although an affluent suburb of St. Louis, the general affordability of Missouri pulls its weight in making sure that Oakville is an affordable community. The cost of living index for Oakville is 12% lower than the national average. The median home price in Oakville is $241,600, which is approximately 1.5 times the average Missouri home price of $163,600. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Oakville is $861 per month.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four will need a yearly income of $82,191 to live here.

If you want to make yourself a part of this community, you should check out the latest listings for homes for sale in Oakville, MO.

Oakville, MO Everyday Expenses

Need to know what you’ll be paying for everyday goods, like groceries or utility bills, in Oakville? Check out these everyday expenses for Oakville, provided by Numbeo.

  • Gallon of Milk – $3.15
  • Loaf of Bread – $1.99
  • Gallon of Gasoline – $4.15
  • Average Oakville Utilities per Month – $169.57
  • Internet per Month – $58.50

Oakville, MO Neighborhoods

Being a fairly homogeneous suburb, Oakville doesn’t have distinctive neighborhoods, per se – however, there’s plenty of different areas with different types of real estate. Take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Oakville, Missouri below:

Most of the highest value property in Oakville is situated along the Mississippi, to the community’s south-east. These properties are spacious, and those along the river have excellent views. The northern portions, meanwhile, are less valuable and more affordable, also offering a shorter commute to St. Louis proper.

Oakville, MO Climate & Weather

According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Oakville is a humid subtropical climate. If you’re used to the South, you’ll find few surprises in Oakville, although this area does experience some snow. You can expect lows of 23 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, and highs of 89 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Oakville gets more than the average amount of rainfall when compared with the rest of the United States, with 43 inches per year as compared to 38. Oakville experiences about half the amount of snowfall than the national average of 28 inches, with 14 inches annually. The best times to visit Oakville, in terms of comfort rating, are May and September.

Being just south of St. Louis, Oakville is also regularly hit by hurricanes that come from the Gulf of Mexico. Have contingency plans for this type of situation.

Things to Do in Oakville, MO

Want to know about the best things to do in Oakville, MO? Check out great shopping near and in the community like the Oakville Shopping Center or the South County Center for all your shopping needs! You should also check out some of the best things to do in Oakville, MO below:

Bee Tree County Park

Want to spend the day outdoors on the Mississippi? Bee Tree County Park is your place. With play sets, picnicking areas, and various other amenities, the Bee Tree County Park is well-beloved by Oakville locals for its lovely views of the big river.

Bee Tree County Park, 2701 Finestown Ave, St. Louis, MO 63129, (314) 615-4386

Cliff Cave County Park

Set among limestone cliffs filled with rare species of bat, the Cliff Cave County Park is a wonderful natural attraction with great views of the river. Oakville residents often come here for fishing, trail hiking, and more, although the caves themselves are off limits to protect important parts of the St. Louis’ areas ecosystems.

Cliff Cave County Park, 806 Cliff Cave Rd, St. Louis, MO 63129, (314) 615-4386

Missouri Civil War Museum

Staged in a historic soldier’s post office just north of Oakville proper, this Civil War museum offers a solemn look into one of the darkest chapters of America’s history. Visit this attraction for a comprehensive look at America’s deadliest war!

Missouri Civil War Museum, 222 Worth Rd, St. Louis, MO 63125, (314) 845-1861


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Oakville, MO Additional Attractions:

Oakville is served by the St. Louis County parks & recreation department. See all the events that are planned in Oakville with the St. Louis County community calendar.

Places to Eat in Oakville, MO

Alongside its host of things to do, Oakville is also home to plenty of great eats! Check out some of the best places to eat in Oakville, Missouri below:

Frankie G’s

Frankie G’s is an Oakville area sports bar with no strings attached – nothing more, nothing less. Enjoy great drinks and food while watching the big game, whether that’s with the boys or the girls. Frankie G’s also prides itself on being kid-friendly!

Frankie G’s, 4565 Chestnut Park Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63129, (314) 894-9292

Las Fuentes

Every good American community isn’t complete without a little taste of Central America. Thankfully, Las Fuentes is here to provide great food from Mexico to the residents of Oakville! Enjoy enchiladas, burritos, tacos, and more!

Las Fuentes, 6025 Telegraph Rd, Oakville, MO 63129, (314) 846-2041

Bill Gianino’s

Another thing no American community is complete without is a proper Italian restaurant! Bill Gianino’s is a family-friendly, casual Italian restaurant with a variety of excellent dishes from the old country. Oakville residents shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Bill Gianino’s, 4571 Chestnut Park Plaza #3135, St. Louis, MO 63129, (314) 892-6326

Oakville, MO Schools & Colleges

Oakville is served by the Mehlville School District. While not a particularly remarkable school district, the local schools in the area include the Oakville High School and the Mehlville High School, both of which are highly rated by GreatSchools. The community also has a middle school, and three Catholic grade schools, all of which also have good ratings. Needless to say, your child’s education is in good hands in Oakville!

Post-high school, Oakville has St. Louis Community College’s South County Education and University Center, in the southern part of the community. It should also be noted that St. Louis has numerous top educational institutions, especially colleges, and all are easily commutable to!

Students and others in Oakville are served by the St. Louis County Library, Cliff Cave Branch.

Jobs in Oakville, MO

While Oakville itself does not have any significant economic activity, owing to its residential status, nearby St. Louis is well known as a city with rapidly growing industries in all sectors, all easily accessible by car! According to Payscale, the most popular positions of employment are Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Operations Manager. The most popular employers in Oakville are The Boeing Company, Millipore Corporation, and World Wide Technology, Inc.. The average salary for a worker in Oakville is $68k a year, while the average hourly wage is $19.50.

See the latest openings for jobs in Oakville here.

Map of Oakville, MO

Explore Oakville’s large variety of things to do, places to eat, and more with this map!

Oakville, MO Statistics & Information

  • Located in St. Louis County
  • 18 square miles
  • Zip code: 63129
  • Area code: 314
  • Elevation: 597’
  • Time zone: CST
  • Closest airport: St. Louis Downtown Airport, HRGR+WC Cahokia, Illinois, 15 miles from Oakville

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