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Moving to Mahomet IL Tips & Guide 🏡🌳 | What Living in Mahomet Is Like

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2023, 12:11 pm

Mahomet is a charming little village in central Illinois. The extremely safe and family-friendly village of Mahomet IL is best known for its two spectacular forest preserves and an award-winning golf course. These outdoor attractions allow the friendly residents living in Mahomet to have close access to several beautiful trails, breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of recreational opportunities available for families. The village of Mahomet Illinois is further home to numerous lovely parks, top-notch schools, delicious restaurants, local shops, and even a museum! Overall, Mahomet IL is a good place to live for those craving a satisfying mix of outdoor adventure, convenient location, and quaint atmosphere.

Where Is Mahomet IL Located?

Mahomet is in Champaign County and is a suburb of Champaign in the Champaign Metropolitan area. Mahomet is nestled on the banks of the Sangamon River and is home to several lakes, including the beautiful Lake of the Woods, which is the county’s largest lake.

How far is Mahomet Illinois from the big city? The distance from Mahomet IL to Champaign IL is roughly 11 miles southeast. You can also commute from Mahomet IL the Decatur by driving 45 miles southwest.

The closest communities to Mahomet are Manfield to the west and Rising to the southwest. I-74 runs through Mahomet, which makes it easy to drive to other parts of Illinois. The nearest public transportation to Mahomet is in Champaign, where the buses are operated by the Champaign–Urbana Mass Transit District, and the train station is run by Amtrak.

Mahomet Illinois Population & Demographics

With a 30% population increase in the last ten years, Mahomet is one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Illinois. Today, the Mahomet IL population is 9,434.

The population of Mahomet is very well educated, with 99.2% of its residents holding a high school degree (or higher) and 48.4% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree (or higher). This education is reflected in the median household income, which is sitting at $122,386. This well exceeds the Illinois average of $72,563.

Despite its small size, Mahomet has been called home by a few notable individuals, including American actress Melanie Paxson.

Mahomet Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 52% female, 48% male
  • Median age: 37.4
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 90.3% White (87.5% non-Hispanic), 1.3% Asian, 0.8% Pacific Islander, 0.5% Black or African American
  • Foreign-born population: 3.2%

Is Mahomet IL safe? You’ll be pleased to know that Mahomet IL is indeed a remarkably safe place to live. Here’s a breakdown of the crime in Mahomet according to the FBI:

  • Mahomet crime rate: 228 crimes per 100,000 people (88.5% lower than state average and 90.3% lower than national average)
  • Violent crime rate: 80 crimes per 100,000 people (81.2% lower than state average and 79.4% lower than national average)
  • Property crime rate: 148 crimes per 100,000 people (90.5% lower than state average and 92.4% lower than national average)
  • Chance of being a victim of crime: 1 in 438

The sworn police officers keeping the city intact are employed by the Village of Mahomet Police Department.

Cost of Living in Mahomet Illinois

Despite the above-average median household income, living in Mahomet, IL is relatively affordable. The cost of living index for Mahomet is around 88, which is 12% lower than the national average of 100.

Mahomet IL typical living expenses

Payscale states that you’ll be paying around $160.38 a month for utilities in Mahomet and $109.92 for a trip to the doctor. Here are some additional expenses:

  • One dozen eggs: $2.13
  • Gallon of milk: $2.30
  • Gallon of gas: $3.17
  • Loaf of bread: $3.67

Does Mahomet IL real estate spark your interest? Mahomet real estate is very affordable! With a median home price of $439,900, you’ll find many lovely and affordable homes for sale in Mahomet IL. The average home price in Mahomet is just above the national average of $422,137.

If you’d like to sign a lease and rent one of the apartments in Mahomet IL, then there are many options to choose from. The average monthly rent in Mahomet IL comes in at $1,259 for 1,086 square feet, according to Rentcafe.

Are you a family of four moving to Champaign County that wants to have financial freedom? The Economic Policy Institute recommends that you make approximately $85,089 a year. After moving to Mahomet, expect to pay around 5% in income taxes, 7.5% in sales taxes, and $0.8399 per $100 valuation for property taxes.

Mahomet Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Mahomet IL

While living in Mahomet IL, you’ll get to enjoy the area’s laid-back and picturesque atmosphere where the homes are well-kept and surrounded by vibrant greens. Among the occupied and listed houses for sale Mahomet IL, the village mainly consists of single-family traditional, ranch, mobile, and contemporary homes and condos. The majority of the homes here were built in the last 30 years, however a few date back to the 1960s and beyond. Here are a few of the best neighborhoods and subdivisions in Mahomet IL:

Ridge Creek | Mahomet Subdivision Close to Outdoor Recreation

Located on the far northern tip of Mahomet, this subdivision provides close access to the village’s beautiful forest preserve, campgrounds like Tincup RV Park Inc., the Lake of the Woods Golf Course, and other outdoor recreations. Homes here sell for $330,000 to $570,000.

Country Ridge | Most Desired Neighborhood in Mahomet IL

Situated in the south end of Mahomet, Country Ridge is in the most desired area of the village. This neighborhood is near a nature preserve and is almost completely residential, which makes for a quiet and peaceful setting. Most of the homes here are nestled on large plots of green land and sell between $290,000 to $510,000.

Timberview | Most Affordable Mahomet Subdivision Near Schools & Parks

Located in West Mahomet, this subdivision brings you close to several schools, parks, and the Mahomet Sportsmen’s Club. Home prices here range from $200,000 to $300,000, which is more affordable than the other areas.

Mahomet IL Weather & Climate

Wondering what the Mahomet, IL weather is like? When living in Mahomet, you will experience everything from 17°F to 84°F throughout the year. For those staying in the area for a short period of time, the best months to visit Mahomet are in May, June, and September. For those committed to a long-term residence, get ready for a temperate Mahomet climate where the winters are freezing and snowy, and the summers are long and warm.

An umbrella will be useful as the average annual rainfall in Mahomet is 41 inches. When it gets cold, a winter coat will be necessary to combat Mahomet’s 20 inches of yearly snowfall. Nonetheless, residents can appreciate the village’s beautiful four-season calendar.

Things to Do in Mahomet, Illinois

Mahomet is home to numerous fun places to visit– including sports facilities, gardens, event venues, and ten park locations spread across 100 acres of open space. If you need a place to do some retail therapy, Mahomet is home to the Eastwood Center. Otherwise, you can commute to the Market Place Shopping Center in Champaign. If needed, you can also shop at Walgreens and Schnucks for groceries. Here are some of the best things to do in Mahomet, IL.

Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve

This 900-acre nature and forest preserve is nestled along the Sangamon River and is the perfect place to take your family fishing, boating, sledding, and cross-country skiing! It’s home to Elks Lake Pavilion, the Lake of the Woods Bike Path, and the lovely Lake of the Woods Bridge.

109 S Lake of the Woods Rd, Mahomet, IL 61853, (217) 586-3360

Mabery Gelvin Botanical Gardens

Located within the nature preserve, this peaceful botanical garden is the perfect place to relax and unwind while strolling along the nature trails. It features a pretty waterfall, a picturesque bridge, and lovely ponds with fish.

650 N Lombard St, Mahomet, IL 61853, (217) 586-3360

Museum of the Grand Prairie

This free museum is one of the best things to do in Mahomet and displays historical collections and exhibits of life in East-Central Illinois from the 1800s to the early 1900s.

950 N Lombard St, Mahomet, IL 61853, (217) 586-2612

Additional Attractions in Mahomet IL

The Mahomet Parks & Recreation Department runs several parks in the area, and the Champaign County Forest Preserve District maintains the forest preserves. You can check out the city’s official website to find out about events in the area.

Mahomet IL Restaurants

When moving to Mahomet IL, you can expect a diverse range of restaurants to choose from. These are the best restaurants in Mahomet.

Filippo’s of Mahomet

Filippo’s is easily one of the best restaurants in Mahomet, IL. This amazing restaurant serves classic Italian dishes in large portions.

2112 Tin Cup Rd, Mahomet, IL 61853, (217) 586-4657

Hen House Family Restaurant

Hen House is one of the most popular Mahomet restaurants among the locals. Stop by this family restaurant and enjoy tasty home-cooked meals and excellent service.

74 interstate Route 74, Mahomet, IL 61853, (217) 586-3114

Breaking Taco

Looking for the best Mexican food in Mahomet? Take a seat at Breaking Taco and enjoy margaritas, tacos, and more.

608 E Main St #7428, Mahomet, IL 61853, (217) 586-6938


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Jobs in Mahomet, IL

Because Mahomet is a part of a large metropolitan area, there are many job opportunities available to you. According to Payscale, the average salary in Mahomet is $68,000, while the average salary in the nearby city of Champaign is $65,000. If you work in education, technology, or software, then you may want to consider commuting to Champaign for work. These industries thrive in Champaign and some of the top employers include the University of Illinois, Riverbed Technology, and Abbott Laboratories.

Although Champaign has many incredible job options, you can easily find your dream job within Mahomet! Over the next decade, Mahomet is expected to experience a 30.2% increase in job growth, which exceeds the national average by 3.3%. A few of the top employers in Mahomet include:

If you are searching for Mahomet jobs, you can find additional career opportunities by exploring Mahomet IL jobs on Indeed as well as the Mahomet IL job board.

Mahomet Illinois Schools

While living in Mahomet, your child will be one of the 3,197 students served by the Mahomet-Seymour Community Schools. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 16 to 1, this Mahomet IL school district holds an excellent academic reputation and is highly competitive with sports, dance, drama, and music programs.

One of the top Mahomet schools is the Mahomet-Seymour High School. This high school is ranked #1 in the Champaign, IL Metro Area by US News. Students at this school have the opportunity to take a variety of AP and honors courses, and the AP participation rate is sitting at a strong 38%.

If you are searching for a nearby college, The University of Illinois is 10.2 miles away, Illinois Wesleyan University is 37.6 miles away, and Illinois State University (the state’s first public university) is 38.5 miles away.

The village is home to The Mahomet Public Library, which is open seven days a week.

Mahomet IL Statistics & Information

  • County: Champaign County
  • Mahomet area: 9.792 square miles
  • Mahomet IL zip code: 61853
  • Mahomet area code: 217
  • Mahomet elevation: 715 feet
  • Mahomet time zone: Central Daylight Time (CDT)
  • Closest major airport to Mahomet: Indianapolis International Airport (IND)– 132 miles east of Mahomet.

Mahomet Illinois Map

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