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What to Know ✔️ Before Moving to Kirkwood MO [2024] | Living in Kirkwood GUIDE

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2023, 02:05 pm

About 10 miles West of St. Louis and the bold and peerless waters of the Mississippi River lies the city of Kirkwood, Missouri. As a part of St. Louis County, Kirkwood is a suburb of St. Louis and was created in 1852 subsequent to a terrible fire and monstrous pandemic that swept across the lands. Around 14 miles out of St. Louis, or present-day Kirkwood, the land was being bought throughout the area around the same time chief engineer James P Kirkwood was busy building the Pacific Railroad. Named after the eponymous builder, Kirkwood became one of the first suburban municipalities built outside the boundaries of St. Louis. Kirkwood is recognized as having the headquarters of Panera Bread and being the home to many remarkable icons like the famous poet, Marianna Moore, and the American football running back, Kyren Williams. Nonetheless, the mid-sized and historic town of Kirkwood provides a safe and dense suburban feel along with a convenient location to endless amenities.

Kirkwood, MO Population & Demographics

As an inner-ring suburb of West St.Louis, the steadily developing city of Kirkwood rests along the Jefferson City Subdivision of the Pacific Railroad. Kirkwood has a population of 27,973 and has been experiencing a population growth rate of 3% each year. As stated by the United States Census Bureau, Kirkwood’s median household income sits at $90,730 which is well above the state average of $55,461. The job increase rate in Kirkwood is 7% which is good news for the 3.3% unemployed.

The racial demographics in Kirkwood are mildly diverse with whites making up 90.4% of the population while blacks and Asians sit at 5.62% and 1.48%. Kirkwood consists of 53.53% females with a remaining 46.47% for the males.

Kirkwood is known to be a very safe and reliable place to live in and raise a family. With a solid B safety score on CrimeGrade, the crime rates in Kirkwood are 18% lower than the national average and 37% lower than the state average. The majority of crime in Kirkwood is property crime which means that keeping a light on at night, locking your doors, and adopting a protective furry alarm system should do the trick. Whatever the case may be, you’ve got all 60 sworn officers of the Kirkwood Police Department, to watch your back.

Cost of Living in Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood’s proximity and exceptional livability scores compared to the rest of the state contribute to higher, yet suitable costs. The cost of living in Kirkwood is 18% higher than the state itself. Kirkwood’s sales tax is 9.1%, whereas the income tax is at 5.9% –1.3% above the US average. If you’re looking to buy a house, according to Redfin the median house price in Kirkwood is $365,000. Apartments in Kirkwood come in at an average monthly rent of $1,235 for a one-bedroom.

Kirkwood, MO Everyday Expenses

Here’s an idea of the Numbeo’s everyday expenses in Kirkwood’s nearby city, St. Louis. Considering this, the prices specifically in Kirkwood may be slightly higher than the prices below.

  • Basic utilities – $186.94
  • Internet – $58.35
  • Gallon of milk – $2.95
  • Carton of eggs – $1.78
  • Gas – $2.34

Best Neighborhoods & Places to Live in Kirkwood, MO

The sycamore and oak-bound streets of Kirkwood are known to be filled with family-friendly neighborhoods of historical homes and college-educated residents. Kirkwood consists of three major neighborhoods – Woodhine Heights, Windsor Springs, and Upper Woodlawn. Woodhine Heights offers residents two family parks within its borders along with luxurious golf at the Greenbriar Hills Country Club. If you go two miles east from here you’ll be in Kirkwood’s Windsor Springs and a step away from the St. Louis Community College. Two miles north of Windsor, Upper Woodlawn is the nearest to downtown Kirkwood and has a handful of unique shops, restaurants, and attractions like the historical and peculiar Kirkwood Train Station.

All locations provide about a 15-mile distance from Kirkwood to St. Louis which is roughly a 20-minute drive. Wherever it is you choose to set up camp, Kirkwood is sure to give off safe suburban vibes and proximity satisfaction to any future resident.

If you’re hoping to purchase a home within the area, then check out some of Redfin’s online home listings in Kirkwood, MO. If you’re looking to rent, try searching for available apartments in and around Kirkwood.

Kirkwood, MO Climate & Weather

For those who love experiencing all four seasons, Kirkwood does not disappoint. Being in the far East of Missouri, Kirwood demonstrates a vast variety of different weather conditions. Kirkwood will keep your face warm during the 202 days of sunshine, and your umbrella will be put to use during the 43 inches of rainfall. Due to its demographic location, Kirkwood is visited by cold gusts of air from Canada during winter, and moist warm air from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer. Kirkwood undergoes 14 inches of snow per year and the winters can be rather cold and snowy with lows of 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers in Kirkwood can be hot and humid with highs of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. With Fall and Spring as the most pleasant seasons, the best months to visit Kirkwood, MO are in May, September, and October.

Things to Do in Kirkwood, MO

Kirkwood provides residents with an array of things to do like farmer’s markets, the Green Tree Festival, parks, golf clubs, you name it! If you’re looking to lighten your wallet, Kirkwood’s most notable shopping center, Kirkwood Commons, won’t let you down. Below are even more fun things to do in the city of Kirkwood:

Forest Park

With over 1,300 acres of luminous and rich green landscapes, this urban public park goes down as one of Kirkwood’s most appreciated gems. The park is swarming with lakes, streams, nature reserves, forests, and ecosystems of all sorts. Forest Park is the perfect place for those wanting to get outside, have a peaceful picnic, toon in at festivals, or just enjoy the serene presence of nature.

5595 Grand Dr, St. Louis, MO 63112, +1 513-686-1600

The Magic House

This exciting children’s discovery and educational center in Kirkwood features everything from hands-on exhibits to fun events for the little ones. The museum aims to provoke curiosity and imagination in both an interesting and educational manner. This is a great place for kids to learn to have fun while learning!

516 S Kirkwood Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122, +1 314-822-8900

Kirkwood, MO Additional Attractions:

All 12 parks, 3 trails, and several facilities in Kirkwood are served by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Places to Eat in Kirkwood, MO

Billy G’s Kirkwood

If you’re looking for high-quality food, Italian dishes, juicy burgers, fresh specials, and a wide selection of wine and beer, Billy G’s is the place to go! This restaurant in Kirkwood offers a captivating dining room and a perfect atmosphere to grab a drink with a friend, talk business at lunch, or sit down with the family.

Billy G’s, 131 W Argonne Dr, Kirkwood, MO 63122, +1 314-984-8000

The Greek Kitchen

This modern Greek restaurant in Kirkwood offers a fresh and healthy selection of Greek cuisine and baked goods. For those pleased with a quick and casual environment in a yummy Greek restaurant that treats you like family, this is the place to go!

343 S Kirkwood Rd #101, Kirkwood, MO 63122, +1 314-462-9112

Kirkwood, MO Map

Discover even more things to do in and around this community with this map of Kirkwood:

Kirkwood, MO Schools & Colleges

With over 22 highly-rated schools sprinkled throughout the city, Kirkwood is served by the Kirkwood School District. Some of the top schools in the city include George R Robinson Elementary and Kirkwood Sr. High School.

When it’s time to study or catch up with schoolwork, the Kirkwood Public Library will serve you well all seven days of the week.

Jobs in Kirkwood, MO

For those looking to earn a living, there are not as many places to find work in Kirkwood as there are in St. Louis. However, Kirkwood has an annual 7% increase in job growth and still has several options to choose from.

Many of the positions in Kirkwood consist of white-collar jobs like professionals, managers, sales and office workers, and even artists and designers. A few of the most popular employers in Kirkwood are Wells Fargo, Boeing, AT&T, Deloitte, and Infosys. As stated by Payscale, the average base salary in Kirkwood is $59,000 whereas the hourly rate sits at $16.00 an hour. If you’re seeking employment in the area, try searching online for jobs in and around Kirkwood.

Kirkwood, MO Statistics and Information

Kirkwood of St. Louis County has a land area of 9.216 square miles and a population density of 3,048 people per mile. Kirkwood has an elevation of 659 feet and a zip code of 63122. With the area code of 314, Kirkwood is within the Central Standard Time zone.

Tips for Moving to Kirkwood, MO

  • Enjoy Kirkwood’s plentiful parks and outdoor activities –especially during the seasons of Spring and Fall.
  • Prepare to buy sunscreen for the hot and muggy summers, and a warm coat for the cold and snowy winters.
  • Take advantage of Kirkwood’s proximity, like visiting the nearby larger city of St.Louis.

If you’re thinking about moving to Kirkwood but don’t know where to start, Federal Companies is here to help! Our team of trained professionals and A+ rated Kirkwood moving services will ensure that your relocating journey is efficient and stress-free. Take a step closer to living in Kirkwood by reaching out to us at 855-907-0285.


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