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Living in & Moving to Hinsdale, IL

Tips for Living in Hinsdale, IL [2024] | What to Know Before Moving to Hinsdale, IL

Last Updated on: 4th January 2024, 09:14 am

Among the wealthiest cities in the state, the village of Hinsdale, IL is located about 21 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. It is bordered by Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Indian Head Park, Oak Brook, Western Springs, Westmont, Countryside, Darien, and Oakbrook Terrace.

Founded by landowner William Robbins in 1865, the area now known as Hinsdale started thriving as railroads to and from Chicago were built through the community. Once a wild prairie, Robbins prepared the land for development by leveling roads, building new homes, and planting trees across the village. Hinsdale was officially incorporated in the year 1873 as the area attracted people from Chicago, Germany, Sweden, and beyond.

Hinsdale is a wonderful place to live and known for its beautiful and natural landscape as well as its family-friendly setting and small-town charm.

Some of the notable people who have lived in Hinsdale include actress Heather Tom, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch, former MLB first baseman Jim Thome, and actress Danielle Campbell.

It’s easy to see the many benefits of moving to Hinsdale as you learn more about the community culture, local attractions, schools, jobs, and more.

1. People Living in Hinsdale, IL – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Hinsdale? The area saw its biggest burst of growth between the 1950s and 1970s with more than 7,000 new people relocating to Hinsdale. The current Hinsdale population is 17,710 residents with a median age of 42 years old.

Hinsdale demographics consist of 82% Caucasian, 11% Asian, 4% Hispanic or Latino, and 1% Black or African American. The gender ratio leans a bit in favor of men with about 51% male and 49% female. As one of the richest areas in Illinois, the median household income in Hinsdale is $203,368 per year.

Downtown Hinsdale, IL

Covering about 4.6 square miles, Hinsdale is split between Cook County and DuPage County. The local zip codes are 60521, 60523, 60525, 60527, and 60558. New phone numbers in Hinsdale will have a 630 area code.

The time zone in Hinsdale switches between Central Standard Time (CST) and Central Daylight Time (CDT) depending on daylight savings time. Hinsdale’s elevation is 721 feet

Ranked among the top 10 safest cities in Illinois, the crime rate in Hinsdale is 59% lower than the national average making Hinsdale IL a very safe place to live. With a violent crime rate that is only about half the national average, there is only about a 1 in 98 chance for people living in Hinsdale to become a victim of crime.

People residing in Hinsdale are served and protected by active-duty officers in the Hinsdale Police Department.

2. Cost of Living in Hinsdale, IL

How much does it cost to live in Hinsdale, IL? The average cost of living in Hinsdale is 102% higher than the national average and about 109% higher than the Illinois state average. Although home utilities are on the lower end of prices, newcomers can expect to pay more for transportation, healthcare, groceries, and the Hinsdale real estate market.

The homeownership rate in Hinsdale is 84.6% as most locals buy their living spaces. As you look through Hinsdale, IL homes for sale, you’ll find gorgeous properties that fit every lifestyle need.

The average price of a home in Hinsdale is $975,000. Local Hinsdale property tax rates are 2.220%, which equals $21,645 per year for a home at that price point.

About 15% of residents living in Hinsdale rent. The average price of rent in Hinsdale is $1,609 per month, an increase of 7% in the last 12 months.

3. Hinsdale Neighborhoods

Where should you live in Hinsdale? Among the handful of local communities, Hinsdale Meadows is ranked as one of the best neighborhoods in Hinsdale. As one of the safest places to live in the state, you can’t go wrong when choosing between local neighborhoods in this area.

Hinsdale manages and maintains 19 local parks, which cover a total of 130 acres. You can learn more about these locations on the Hinsdale Parks & Recreation Department website.

People living in the area also have access to convenient shopping in Hinsdale at stores like Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Kramer Foods, Whole Foods, and Hinsdale Lake Commons.

Many newcomers moving to the area may also decide to travel from Hinsdale to Chicago for work or to simply enjoy the perks found in the big city.

4. Hinsdale, IL Weather & Climate

The continental climate in Hinsdale is similar to Chicago with a decent amount of annual rain and snow. Hinsdale weather gets about 39 inches of rain per year along with about 31 inches of snow per year.

The average temperature in Hinsdale varies during the winter with lows in the mid-teens and highs in the low 30s. Summer weather in Hinsdale warms up to temps between the low 60s and upper 80s.

5. Things to Do in Hinsdale

There are a variety of local activities, fun places to visit, and popular attractions in Hinsdale for all residents to enjoy.

Burlington Park

The local Burlington Park is ranked among the top things to do with kids in Hinsdale thanks to its outdoor activities. The park hosts a seasonal farmers market, offers a children’s playground, and has long paved pathways for walking or jogging all year round.

Burlington Park, Chestnut St, Hinsdale, IL 60521

Graue Mill & Museum

One of the most historic landmarks in Hinsdale is the impressive Graue Mill & Museum, which was part of the Underground Railroad. This waterwheel gristmill rests along Salt Creek and features a small shop and guided tours.

Graue Mill & Museum, 3800 York Rd, Oak Brook, IL 60523  (630) 655-2090

Additional Hinsdale Attractions

6. Hinsdale Restaurants

If you want to know where to find the best restaurants in Hinsdale, these two popular spots will give you a couple of great places to start.

Fuller House


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One of Hinsdale’s top places to eat is Fuller House, which offers visitors an enjoyable rustic-chic feel. The popular tavern has sports on TV as people are able to feast on wood-fired pizza washed down with a craft beer.

Fuller House, 35 E 1st St, Hinsdale, IL 60521  (630) 568-5466

Egg Harbor Cafe

Among the top-rated Hinsdale restaurants is Egg Harbor Cafe, which has breakfast and lunch served all day including french toast, skillets, eggs benedict, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, salads, and more. It offers a family-friendly atmosphere and some of the best American comfort food around.

Egg Harbor Cafe, 29 E 1st St, Hinsdale, IL 60521  (630) 920-1344

7. Jobs in Hinsdale

The average salary in Hinsdale is $69,000 per year with a 5% state income tax rate. Hinsdale’s unemployment rate is currently around 5.4%.

If you’re curious about Hinsdale jobs, the area hosts a variety of reputable companies that offer great career opportunities. A few of the best places to work in Hinsdale include:

8. Hinsdale Schools

Making up more than one-third of the population, there are about 5,845 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old living in Hinsdale. Due to their highly-rated school program and the many child-friendly communities, Hinsdale is an excellent place for families to live.

Hinsdale, IL on a Map

Schools in Hinsdale are part of the Central Consolidated School District 181. The best education programs in town are available at:

  • Monroe Elementary School
  • Madison Elementary School
  • Hinsdale Middle School
  • Hinsdale Central High School (ranked among the top 10 high schools in Illinois)

The nearest colleges and universities to Hinsdale are Chamberlain University, DeVry University, and Elmhurst University.

Local residents of all ages have free access to Hinsdale Public Library, which offers hundreds of books and movies for rent.

Map of Hinsdale, IL

This Hinsdale map will point you to many other activities, restaurants, and amenities you can experience if you decide to move here.

Living in Hinsdale Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Hinsdale is one of the safest cities in Illinois thanks to its low crime rate.
  • Pro: It is one of the most family-friendly areas across the entire state.
  • Con: As an expensive place to move to, the cost of living in Hinsdale is very high.

Moving to Hinsdale, IL

If you feel you have enough reasons to move to Hinsdale now, it’s time to take the next step. Get assistance from the helpful Hinsdale movers here at Federal Companies today! Give us a call at (800) 747-4100 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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