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What to Know About Living in Ellisville MO 🏠 | Moving to Ellisville Guide

Last Updated on: 19th June 2023, 08:04 pm

First settled by Captain James Harvey Ferris around 1837, Ellisville, MO, quickly developed into a desirable place for others to settle. It was incorporated in 1932 and transitioned from village to city in 1957. Ellisville is now a city and is the county seat of St. Louis County; it’s also part of the St. Louis Metro. Ellisville is best known for its great school district, wonderful neighborhoods, and highly-acclaimed parks and trails – you won’t regret moving to Ellisville!

Ellisville, MO, is a great place to live for various reasons. The attraction attributes are endless, neighborhoods are safe, and the cost of living is relatively low! Money Magazine named Ellisville the 25th best city to live in America.

Where is Ellisville?

Ellisville, MO, is located in St. Louis County and is only 25 miles from St. Louis. Clarkson Valley, Ballwin, and Wildwood border Ellisville, Missouri. You can expect beautiful Missouri scenery in this St. Louis suburb, and there are numerous picturesque hiking trails to enjoy. The National Arbor Day Foundation has awarded Ellisville the Tree City USA recognition for 42 consecutive years! 

The terrain in Ellisville is typical of Missouri. The elevation is 771 feet, so expect some peaks and lots of rolling hills. Ellisville is picturesque and truly embodies the states beauty!

Bi-State Development Agency provides public transportation for Ellisville, Missouri.

Helpful transportation links:

Ellisville Population and Demographics

The population of Ellisville is 9,985, a 1.4% decrease since 2010. The median household income is $89,951, the 29th highest median household income out of 82 St. Louis cities. 


  • Median age: 45.1
  • Gender demographics: 55% female, 45% male
  • Racial make-up: 81% White, 7% Two or More, 6% Hispanic, 4% Asian, 2% Black
  • Foreign-born population: 6.1%
  • Educational attainment: 97.8% have high school diplomas, 55.4% have bachelor’s degrees

According to the FBI, the city of Ellisville is a very safe place to live—the overall crime rate is 61.3% lower than the state and 49.3% lower than the country.

Ellisville, MO overall, violent and property crime rate statistics compared to the state and national average:

  • Ellisville crime rate: 1,189 per 100k people
  • Missouri crime rate: 3,074 per 100k people
  • US crime rate: 2,346 per 100k people
  • Ellisville violent crime rate: 131 per 100k people
  • Missouri violent crime rate: 543 per 100k people
  • US violent crime rate: 388 per 100k people
  • Ellisville property crime rate: 1,058 per 100k people
  • Missouri property crime rate: 2,531 per 100k people
  • US property crime rate: 1,958 per 100k people

Despite the crime rate being exceptionally low in Ellisville, Missouri, the 24 officers of the Ellisville Police Department love dedicating their time and energy to the residents.

Cost of Living in Ellisville MO

Despite its picturesque appearance, prime location, and low crime rate, Ellisville remains an affordable place to live. It’s a COLI (Cost of Living Index) only 4.9% higher than the national average of 100.0. 

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four should earn $80,992 to live comfortably in the St. Louis Metro.

Typical Ellisville living expenses:

  • Gallon of milk: $3.47
  • Dozen eggs: $4.11
  • One pound of local cheese: $5.47
  • Loaf of white bread: $2.44
  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant: $20.00
  • Average Ellisville utilities per month: $245

While these figures are for St. Louis, expect similar prices in Ellisville. The COLI in St. Louis, MO is slightly lower than in Ellisville, so typical living expenses may be more.

Source: Numbeo

The Ellisville, MO real estate market is considered competitive, The median home price in Ellisville is $390,000, and the average price per square foot is $155  – this is considered competitive. Despite the market’s competitiveness, there are numerous beautiful Ellisville, MO homes for saleAccording to RentCafe, the average rent in Ellisville is $1,306 per month for a 957-square-foot rental.

Ellisville Weather and Climate

The Köppen climate classification of Ellisville, MO is Cfa or seasonal humid subtropical climate, which correlates with hot, humid summers and cool breezy winters. Expect partial clouds year-round and very snowy winters.

Due to its inland location, expect frequent weather changes in Ellisville (and all of Missouri). The average temperature in Ellisville is 79 degrees Fahrenheit in the hot season and 50 degrees in the cold season. You will experience four distinct seasons in Ellisville. The annual rainfall in Ellisville is 44 inches, and the annual snowfall is 12 inches.

The best time to visit Ellisville, MO, is late May to late September. The weather in the late spring and early summer is ideal for warm weather activities like cooling off Sherman Beach or bird watching at Castlewood State Park. By September, the temperatures will dip, making the weather ideal for hiking and golf.

Things to Do in Ellisville MO

Looking for things to do in Ellisville? Aside from shopping at Ellisville Square and Marta’s Boutique, there are tons of other indoor and outdoor activities to partake in.

Meramec Greenway Trailhead: Rock Hollow Trail

Meramec is an acclaimed hiking trail in Ellisville, Missouri. Whether you prefer paved canopied paths or rigid rough terrain, Meramec has options. Immerse yourself in the natural beauties of Ellisville with wildflowers and waterways paving your excursion ahead! 

777 Ridge Rd, Ellisville, MO 63021

Bluebird Park

Ellisville is known for its exceptional parks, and Bluebird Park is a true testament to that! The 167 acres of wildlife, aquatic center, playground, community garden, tennis courts, golf course, and dog parks are perfectly maintained. This family-friendly attraction in Ellisville is a must-see!

225 Kiefer Creek Rd, Ellisville, MO 63021, (636) 227-7508

Chuck E. Cheese

Trying to get out of the Missouri cold? Chuck E. Cheese is an excellent option for those exceptionally cold, rainy, or warm days. Let your kiddos enjoy quality time with their siblings and friends at this family-friendly Ellisville attraction.

15913 Manchester Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011, (636) 391-2391

Additional attractions near Ellisville MO

Ellisville, Missouri parks are breathtaking! But the views and picturesque hiking trails wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated Ellisville Parks and Recreation department! Don’t miss anything amid your hectic journey of moving to Ellisville; keep an eye on the special events calendar.

Ellisville Restaurants

A great city has plenty of delicious dining options. Thankfully Ellisville doesn’t fall short in that department. From classic pub food to mouth-watering BBQ, Ellisville eateries will satisfy your palate. Take a look at these fantastic Ellisville restaurants!

Clancy’s Irish Pub

Looking to dine at one of the best restaurants in Ellisville, MO? Wash down your cheese-stuffed pretzels with a shot of Jameson on the Rocks! You’ll also find a variety of beers on tap. Their burgers are a must-try, and some even say the atmosphere makes them feel like they’re back in Ireland!

40 Old State Rd, Ellisville, MO 63021, (636) 391-6154

Fallon’s Grill and Tap

Located off HWY 100 in Ellisville, MO, Fallon’s is another beloved Irish grill and tap. Famous for their Irish Nachos (chips drenched in Guinness beer cheese) and the Fallon’s Potato Skin, cheddar, and provolone-loaded potato skins topped with bacon and sour cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

15850 Manchester Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011, (636) 386-5621

Faraci Pizza

Faraci Pizza is one of the best Ellisville, MO restaurants! Let this nearly 5-star restaurant in Ellisville, MO satisfy all your cheesy cravings. Whether you like it simple or supreme, they have authentic Italian pizza pies!

15430 Manchester Rd #3029, Ellisville, MO 63011, (636) 230-0000

Jobs in Ellisville

Ellisville has a below-average unemployment rate of 4.5%, has seen a 0.7% job market increase since 2021, and has a predicted future job growth of 26.8% by 2033. If you’re moving to Ellisville for a job, job hunting is likely at the top of your list of “things to do.” Here’s some info that can help you find jobs in Ellisville, MO that are hiring. Government gigs are a great option; consider joining the team – browse The City of Ellisville jobs.

The main industries in the city of Ellisville are manufacturing, retail trade, educational services, and construction. And the main employers are AT&T, Home Depot, Eaton, and Rockwood School District. The average hourly wage in Ellisville is $14.61 with an average salary of $68,000 a year, which is above the US average. 17.4% of Ellisville residents make over six figures – the highest percentage in its metro area and state!

While many residents work in the city, it’s not uncommon for people to commute, which is only 24.31 minutes, whereas the average American commute to work is 27.6 minutes.

Ellisville Schools

Ellisville, MO, is a part of a high-acclaimed school district and has terrific schools. The Rockwood R-VI School District is one of the best in St. Louis! According to U.S. News, the Rockwood School District ranks #16 in Missouri and top 8% of public high schools in the country. Rockwood School District was also ranked 4th best school district in Missouri by KSDK News.

Best schools in and near Ellisville, MO:

Colleges near Ellisville, MO:

The public school system in Ellisville is one of the best in the state, and there are plenty of colleges located nearby. Ellsivlle also provides plenty of resources to help its student-residents strive. The St. Louis County Library–Daniel Boone Branch serves the Ellisville residents and is a great place to study, enjoy a book, or bring your children!

Ellisville Statistics & Information

  • Ellisville County: St. Louis County
  • Area: 4.37 square miles
  • Ellisville Zip Code: 63011, 63021, 63040
  • Area Code: 636
  • Elevation: 722’
  • Time Zone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)
  • The closest airport to Ellisville: St. Louis Lambert International Airport, is 22.5 miles from Ellisville

Map of Ellisville

Ellisville has a great school system, a low crime rate, tons of beautiful parks, and a tight-knit community; it’s also rated one of the best places to live in America, according to Money Magazine, and is one of the top St. Louis suburbs. All of these beautiful attributes make moving to Ellisville an exciting decision.

We want you to experience the wonderful life living in Ellisville can provide! Federal Companies is a trusted and affordable company; we have experienced Ellisville movers ready to assist with your relocation. Call us today at 800-747-4100 for a free moving estimate!


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