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Why Living in Deerfield IL is Great! | 👍 [2024] BEST Moving to Deerfield Guide

Last Updated on: 2nd November 2023, 12:16 pm

Nestled in the prairie near the southern end of the grand Lake Michigan resides the quaint village of Deerfield, Illinois. As a north shore suburb of Chicago, the majority of the Deerfield township is within Lake County whereas a small part extends into Cook County. Deerfield is known to be one of the wealthiest areas in the state of Illinois and is further recognized for its high quality of education and home to many corporate headquarters. With great schools, a family-friendly community, and a low crime rate, you’ll find the safe and peaceful village of Deerfield to be an excellent place for young families. Surrounded by forests and farmlands, the hidden treasure of Deerfield provides close access to several well-managed parks, hotels, a few tasty restaurants, a no more than a 10-minute drive to every store you could possibly need.

This historical village was once home to several Native American tribes and wasn’t settled until 1835. What was once known as “Leclair,” the present-day name of Deerfield was named after the town of Deerfield in Massachusetts as well as for having an area abound with deer. Nowadays, Deerfield is home and headquarters to an abundance of great corporations and research centers. The village is also known for having started National Boss’s Day, and a local train station’s “No-Kissing Zone” which was featured on Time magazine and ABC’s AM America (current Good Morning America). On top of being visited by former president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, Deerfield was once called home by the man behind the mask of Bozo the Clown– Bob Bell. The beautiful village of Deerwood provides residents with a pristine and safe environment while being within close proximity to Chicago and other major towns.

Deerfield, IL Population and Demographics

According to the United States Census, Deerfield, IL has a population of 19,196 which has increased by 5.3% in the last decade. The median age in Deerfield sits at 43.9 years whereas the median household income is an astonishing $153,431– nearly $90,000 above the state and national average. The job market in Deerfield has increased by 2.4% in the last year which should benefit the 6.4% unemployed.

The racial demographics in Deerfield are mildly diverse with whites making up 89.2% of the population, Asians taking up 5.2%, Hispanics and blacks at 3.7%, and .8%. Between the two genders, 51.5% of Deerfield is female which leaves 48.5% for the males.

As stated by the FBI, you have a 1 in 137 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Deerfield whereas the total crime rate is 732 per 100,000 residents. Deerfield is a very safe place to live considering it’s over 3 times less than the U.S. average crime rate of 2,477. Nonetheless, if you’re ever in need of protection, you’ve got all 40 sworn officers of the Deerfield Police Department to watch your back.

Cost of Living in Deerfield, IL

According to the Economic Policy Institute, it’s advised for a family of four to be making at least $100,000 if residing in Lake County. The cost of living in Deerfield is over 11% more than the state itself. With a sales tax of 8% and an income tax of 5%, the taxes in Deerfield are a bit above the national average. According to Redfin, Deerfield has a median home price of $575,000 which is far above the state average of $269,800. If signing a lease is on your list of things to do, the average apartment rents in Deerfield are $2,263 on Rentcafe.

Deerfield, IL Everyday Expenses:

Numbeo’s prices below are present in the municipality of Arlington Heights– a community with similar living expenses nearby Deerfield. With that in mind, the costs below reflect but may slightly differ from the exact prices in Deerfield.

  • Basic utilities— $174.08
  • Internet— $60.00
  • Gallon of milk— $2.50
  • Carton of eggs— $1.97
  • Gas— $2.30

Deerfield, IL Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Deerfield, IL

The majority of the rather rich neighborhoods in Deerfield provide dense suburban atmospheres and family-based activities. There are over 40 subdivisions and neighborhoods in Deerfield, IL. The southwestern part of Deerfield tends to be the most affordable whereas the central areas are often the most desired. If you’re looking for the most expensive real estate, the neighborhood of Woodland park might be your best. About 2 miles southeast from here is the Briarwood Vista neighborhood that provides close access to the highly-rated Briarwood Country Club.

Most areas have around a 28-mile distance from Deerfield to Chicago which will take you south on the road for about 40 minutes. If you’re set on moving, you can try looking online for Deerfield, IL homes for sale. Where ever you choose to set up, all areas in Deerfield provide residents with beautiful, friendly communities that are just minutes away from the lovely Lake Michigan.

Deerfield, IL Climate and Weather

Deerfield experiences warm, wet summers with highs of 83 degrees Fahrenheit and cold, snowy winters with lows of 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Summertime in Deerfield, IL makes for the perfect weather for residents to take a swim in the lake! You’ll be needed a snow shovel during the 36 inches of annual snowfall in Deerfield, and perhaps a raincoat throughout the 36 inches of rainfall. Your sunglasses will be put to use during Deerfield’s 136 days of sunshine. With summer and falls being the most comfortable seasons, the best months to visit Deerfield, IL are in June, August, and September.

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Things to do in Deerfield, IL

Deerfield, IL has numerous parks and loaded shopping centers to take advantage of. In case you’re in need of spending cash, you’ll always have close access to Deerfield Square and Deerbrook Shopping Center. Check out some fun things to do in Deerfield, IL!

Jaycee Memorial Park

This lovely park is a great place to take the kids, adults, and even dogs! It features a walking path, a children’s play area, and there’s even a small dog park nearby!

Deerfield, IL 60015, +1 847-945-0650

Deerfield Golf Club

Whether you play the club’s 19-hole golf course or host a private event, this scenic golf club in Deerfield offers both fine service and excellent cuisine.

1201 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods, IL 60015, +1 847-945-8333

Additional Attractions in Deerfield, IL:

All special-interest facilities and neighborhood parks in Deerfield are managed by the village’s Parks and Facilities department. If you’re looking to tune in on events in Deerfield, IL, you can check that out here.

Deerfield, IL Restaurants

Deerfield Italian Kitchen

This small and intimate casual Italian restaurant serves everything from loaded pizza to juicy steak dinners and is the perfect place to take out the family, friends, or a date!

648 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015, +1 847-945-2727


With everything from Greek specialties to a vast selection of wines, this delicious Greek restaurant has some of the finest cuisine in the village!

660 Lake Cook Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015, +1 847-940-0777

Jobs in Deerfield, IL

Deerfield, IL is recognized as having several great business and corporate companies in which the people are very passionate about their work. In fact, Deerfield is home to the headquarters of Baxter Healthcare, Caterpillar Inc, Fortune Brand Home & Security, and Walgreens Boots Alliance–the largest employer in Deerfield. The most popular job positions in Deerfield include financial analysts, project managers, and software engineers.

According to Payscale, the average base salary in Deerfield, IL is $80,000, and the average hourly sits at $19.46. If you’re looking to earn some money, try searching for jobs in and around Deerfield, IL.

Deerfield, IL Schools

All remarkable schools in Deerfield, IL possess high-quality education and are said to be some of the best schools in the state– particularly Deerfield High School of the Township High School District 113. There are four elementary schools and two public middle schools in Deerfield that are rather served by the Deerfield School District 109.

Whether or not you’re a student of Deerwood’s Trinity International University or a different college nearby, you’ll be within close proximity to the Deerfield Public Library all seven days of the week.

Deerfield, IL Statistics and Information

Deerfield, IL of Lake County has a land area of 5.548 square miles and a population density of 3,460 people per mile. The village of Deerfield has an elevation of 686 feet above sea level and a zip code of 60015. With the area code of 847, Deerfield is within the Central Standard Time Zone. The largest and one of the closest airports near Deerfield, IL is the O’Hare International Airport which is 16.3 miles south of Deerfield.

Deerfield, IL Map

For more insight on things to do and places to eat, check out this map of Deerfield, IL!

Pros and Cons of Living in Deerfield, IL

  • Pro: Enjoy proximity to downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan!
  • Pro: Although the village doesn’t have a handful of amenities and restaurants, there are plenty just outside of its borders!
  • Con: Buying a warm winter coat for the cold and snowy winters isn’t a bad idea.

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