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Interior Designers & Decorators in Chicago

Chicago Top Interior Designers & Decorators | [list, map, tips] | ๐Ÿ… ๐Ÿ›๏ธ [2024] Who to Hire in Chicago

Last Updated on: 3rd May 2022, 11:18 pm

Your home is your sanctuary. You should feel comfortable coming home and spending your evenings there. Interior designers and decorators in Chicago can help transform your home, townhouse, or condo into your dream space.

Rather than hating the way it looks every time you walk through the front door, you can design the area based on your tastes and styles– making it perfect. Yes, DIY is all the rage, but hiring a professional can make all the difference in the final product.

Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary, transitional, rustic, farmhouse, minimalist, modern country, or shabby chic, the interior decorator has the experience and knowledge to bring your vision to life.

Yes, the cost can be more than a DIY project, but the quality of the end result is well worth the extra money.

Chicago Interior Designers vs. Interior Decorators

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator? That’s a common question that people ask, and even though they’re similar, some key aspects make them unique.

If you desire to remove a call or do anything with the structure of your home, like adding windows, then it’s recommended to work with an interior designer. They often work closely with other professionals like architects and construction workers, so they can be a part of bringing your design to life.

When it comes to interior decorators, if you don’t plan on making any structural changes and only need help with furniture, paint color, lighting, and the decor of your home, they will be a good fit.

Marshall ERB Design | Award-Winning Interior Designer

Award-winning, top, luxury, friendly, and hardworking are a couple of common phrases used when describing Marshall ERB Design. They have been named the Top-200 Design Industry Influencers, American Society of Interior Designers award, and voted “Top-20 Best Interior Designers in Chicago.”

The team provides endless services, and they can’t wait to help you too!

Residential: new construction, whole-house lighting, cabinetry, kitchen design, custom furniture design, house renovations, decor, and bathroom remodel.

Commercial: office interiors.

For the last 15+ years, the professional team has been providing one-of-a-kind interior design services to the city of Chicago. Whether you want to transform your entire home, condo, vacation home, kitchen, or even your office, they can make the space timeless and classic!

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Rae Duncan Interior Design | International & Luxury Designer

If you’re looking for a luxury design firm that has expertise in residential and commercial remodels, Rae Duncan Interior Design has your back. When you work with this team of professionals, you can expect the process to look similar to this: consultation, renders and sketches, approval, ordering items, project management, installation, and furnishing.

You can expect a bold and sophisticated look while creating a flawless design. The team provides services in the residential, corporate, and hospitality industries. When you walk in and see the finished project, it’ll feel like you have been transported to another home.

Their clients have nothing but incredible things to say about Rae and the team, so you don’t want to wait another second.

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Habitar Design | Aesthetically Pleasing

Habitar Design is on the mission to become known as the best interior design firm in Chicago that always supports creativity, contributes to the lives of its employees, and ALWAYS delivers outstanding services to its clients to achieve a 100% satisfaction rate.

Their process always begins with talking and brainstorming with their customers to help them discover the design that they truly want for the space. Then they will create a plan, render a look of the finished product, and once it’s approved, they will order the necessary furniture and start installation.

When it comes to the final cost, it can depend on the size of the space theyโ€™re working on and the design. To get a better sense, during your initial consultation, they can create an estimate based on the desired changes so that you can have a ballpark idea.

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Prestige Designs | Italian Kitchens & Interiors

At Prestige Designs, our team of experts knows how to carefully balance form, style, and functionality while only using high-quality materials so that your space lasts.

They have a working relationship with companies throughout Italy so that the team provides the BEST and only the finest materials for your kitchen, bathroom, closets, and furniture.

The team of designers at Prestige Design lives by this quote from Charles Eames, “the details are not the details. They make the design.” With their dependable materials and breathtaking designs, the company has created long-lasting relationships with their clients.

For the last 15+ years, they’ve been a go-to interior designing company here in Chicago.

Contact Information

  • Address: 223 W Erie St, Chicago, IL 60654
  • Phone Number: (312) 265-1866
  • Hours: Open Monday through Friday from 10:00am till 5:00pm, Saturday from 10:00am till 3:00pm, and closed Sunday

Summer Thorton Design | Bold and Colorful Interiors

Summer Thorton is best known for her bold colors and fearless attitude that isn’t afraid of setting a new normal within the world of interior design. She is an award-winning designer and quickly gained traction as one of the “Rising Stars” to watch within the Fashion Group International. Summer was also named “Chicago’s best transitional designer” by Modern Luxury.

There are 12 talented members on the team who have extensive experience, bringing something special to the group.

Each project is unique and will never look like another because she believes the projects should represent the clients and not follow the norm.

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Phillip Harrison | Clean, Timeless, and Functional Designs

For 10+ years, Phillip Harrison has been working diligently to create timeless designs that represent their clients.

Everything from the initial consultation to the final reveal, you will be a part of the process because we truly see you as a partner.

They have a couple of different services available: a full-service design, consultation design, and even an e-design. Depending on the one you choose, they can help remodel a single room or your entire home, custom furniture, project management, and installation.

Phillip Harrison is a luxury Chicago designer that can’t wait to help transform the place you call home!

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Lugbill Designs | Bespoke Design Service

Whether you want to refresh or fully remodel your home, Lugbill Designs has the experience you’re looking for in an interior designer group. They are a trusted team of professionals that will help create a space you love.

Their approach focuses on full-service interior design and project management while only working with their network of a reliable and trustworthy team of contractors like for the plumbing.

Due to their reputation and experience, you won’t be disappointed when you choose to work with Lugbill Designs!

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Chicago Interior Designers Map

Whether you need help redecorating your home and office with an interior decorator, or you want to do a full remodel with a team of interior designers, you deserve a home that makes you feel happy and at peace when you walk through the door.

When it’s time to transition into your Chicago home, rather than stressing out, let Federal Companies take care of all the details for your upcoming move. Call us today at 800-747-4100 or fill out the form to receive your free customized quote!


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