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5 Essential Tasks for a Post-Move Checklist

Although your boxes are unpacked and your furniture is where you want it, your move isn’t over. There are still tasks you need to complete to make your new home as cozy as the last.

Here are a few essential items our St. Louis moving company recommends you include on your next post-move checklist.

·  Update your address

If you don’t want bank statements, bills, thank you cards and birthday presents sent to your old address, you’re going to need to inform all of your providers, friends and family members.

·  Set Up Utilities

Ideally, this should be done beforehand, but in case it’s not, you’re going to want to do it right after you move in. Otherwise, be prepared to eat delivered pizza by candle light.

·  Update Your License and Vehicle Registration

If you’re moving within the state, this can easily be done online. However, out-of-state moves require you to register your car and get a new license at a DMV. You generally have between 10 and 60 days to do this, but it’s best to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

·  Bolster Your Security

Chances are, your locks haven’t been changed yet. Since you might not know who lived in your new home before and who they made keys for, change the locks and garage code if you have one.

·  Clean Thoroughly

After all the chaos unfolds, your home will look like a hurricane hit it. To ensure you’re not sitting in a mess of cardboard boxes and Styrofoam, clean immediately after everything is unpacked.

For a quick and efficient move that will allow you to quickly attend to post-move tasks, consider the help of professionals. The Illinois movers at Federal Companies would love to assist you with your next relocation. Call or fill out our online form today to receive your fee estimate!


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